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another old pic of Slade, dont think it's been here before
the Dr Marten own brand insole does a really good job of filling up extra space if the shoe/boot is up to half size too roomy. always an option to consider if you run into the too small/too large in between foot size
LOVE these boots. easily the best DMs imo. Better than the regular MiE oxblood 1460s and even better than the $$$ Raf Simons collaboration 8i boot. Seriously, if I was to only be able to wear one pair of boots the rest of my life these would be it.
QFT. This is my personal style mantra as welland on the flip side, this is the other part of my style mantra!always room for both expressions, in a smart age appropriate way
^^ it's a decent blog, some good bits on there! There's an amusing (aka lame) feud between that fella and the "film noir buff talk ivy" forum where they continue to talk shit about each other. a worthless waste of energy and has made the Talk Ivy forum unbearable for me anymore to even lurk and read in. I mean it's bad enough when you have various skinhead forums proclaiming "i'm more skinhead than you" but when you have guys into Ivy style bitching about "I'm more...
I love that you know about stuff like this, Roy!just got in a pair of Studio d'Artisan jeans from them today too. was all sold out in Tokyo but BiG had one pair left in my size!
reposted the pic for you so it shows up, it's a good one
lol, i know ZERO about the vacation habits of 1970s UKers, just kind of ignorantly threw that out there
yes, that is the one thing about this site I think is unique, in that everyone maintains civility and a friendly attitude no matter how seemingly trivial or dumb questions may sound. I like to think of this forum as being informative without being intimidating since anyone reading and contributing to this thread has common ground in an interest in original skinhead style.
Since that pic is most likely after the height of skinhead, i wonder if those kids are from someplace else on holiday at Margate (like Scotland)? Sounds like most of you Londoners were already out of skinhead by 72, but the 60s look was still strong in other parts of UK where it was slower to catch on and lingered longer....? this pic
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