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Good one Roy. Allen Edmonds does a full grain leather longwing brogue called The MacNeil that is not cheap as Loake (cost around $345 for full grain calf leather), but not as expensive as their cordovan shoes, or Alden (which is the rolls royce of skinhead style brogues). But AE does not make the Macneil in burgundy calf for some reason (only burgundy cordovan). Calf colors are only black and walnut brown (pebble grain texture). If you want burgundy it is $550 for...
yes Loake Royals are correct grain leather. There's no polishing issues, other than because it's not full grain leather the polish wont absorb into the leather to give a true patina over time. polishing correct grain leather is like cleaning plastic, it does the job but it's strictly a surface shine. hard to explain but if you polish full grain leather vs correct grain leather shoes, it's a completely different feel and result. also correct grain leather tends to age...
hello Matt, nice to see you on here-Jason
i think this pic was posted long time ago in this thread, scanned from Spirit of 69 book. this site has basically reprinted the original pic/text http://skinhead69.hubpages.com/hub/Skinhead-Fashion-in-the-UK-1971
thanks for posting those pages from the book Dave! pre-ordered my copy!
if my repro "original" MA-1 is any indication, it wasnt blanket lined, but it used wool for the ribbing at sleeves/neck/bottom (rather than the cotton used later), as well as a wool interlining in between the outer/inner nylon so it's a very warm jacket, moreso than the later MA-1s. and the lining wasnt the bright orange as everyone knows it as, but self-colored.
Oi Oi shop is excellent, Bill is a top guy, and it's definitely a place you should go. If you can get to Brighton (50 min south of London by rail from Victoria Station), Jump the Gun is probably one of the best one-stop shops for gear (carries Brutus, sherman, perry, along with their own house line which is very good). Also Adam of London in Nottinghill's Portobello Markets. mendoza on brick lane is good, more mod than skinhead, but worth a look if you're in the area
good reply Queenie!
Levis StF jeans undergo a pattern change every few years, probably to follow whatever the current fashion trend happens to be (baggier or slimmer) The 501 StF from a couple years ago fit slimmer than they had been for many years. I just bought a buddy in Japan some 501s to take to him on my last trip and I was surprised how thin the denim is on the current jeans. as for braces, I do like them as functional gear....sometimes trousers, even when properly sized at waist,...
1. guilty of this in early 90s. not since2. thankfully NEVER done this. the look of a true muppet3. never got into black jeans, just black staprest.4. NEVER done this!! for a good laugh check out this site, but you've been warned!! haha http://bleachers.co.uk/5. i think this is a residual effect of skinhead/mod crossing paths, since i always thought of buttoning to top as a "mod revival" look6. i have enough brogues, loafers, suits and crombies to make up for all...
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