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yea ^^ that one was for a mate in Canada, who happens to be in town this weekend for Derrick Morgan he wanted the "peakcock" suit with the 3 pockets on one side, 2 on the other. 6 button cuff, all cloth covered. It was using tonic cloth that AceFace sold on ebay. I think it turned out quite nice, and again, the ticket pocket flaps are not so large, and they all overlap the pocket below so it doesnt go up so high like you'd generally see
funny, growing up all the adults had center vent jackets, so I've always preferred side vent, as that was harder to find. tho it's become common post 2002i like the way side vents keep your back straight, so when you bend over etc it doesnt split open
to my eyes, that looks awkward ^^^ , with the ticket pocket flaps being so bigthis is my one suit with multiple ticket pockets, 2 on one side, 1 on the other. the flaps are shorter than main pocket so it looks more balanced, having those extra pockets. also they overlap one another to keep them from going up too high onto the chest. it's my own interpretation of the "skinhead" suit, not completely "authentic' but works better for me aesthetically
so in your opinion, what is the difference between a "skinhead suit" in 60s, versus a regular "well dressed man" suit from the same era? or is there a difference at all?the multiple ticket pocket thing has always interested me, because I first heard of it in the 80s but I would assume that SOMEONE in the 60s must have worn such a suit for it to have been something for the new 70/80s generation of skinheads to pick up on. I dont think anyone was that clued up on tailoring...
Dave's link to this blog has a very good page on skinhead girls and their haircuts some of the pic, dont think these are actual skinhead girls but the guy is trying to show where the haircut comes from and what the girls were trying to look like at the time: :
^^ yes, it's funny because many of us know who you are since that one pic with you in the aviators has made its rounds thru the internet and I think everyone has seen it by now. also since most of us watched British Style Genius, we "know" you from that.
those Solovair ones look ok, but they use the same cheap corrected grain leather that the boots use, so not any better than Florsheim or Loake. style is nice, color is nice, but is more of a "starter" brogue if that makes sense. something to wear to "look correct" while saving up for a proper pair of shoes. Roy, speaking of cheap shoes ruining your life....One problem I have with those specifically (Solovair) is the way they're designed they cut into my ankles no matter...
^^ those are made from cordovan leather iirc, hence the high price it commands. But I know of people who've gotten them much cheaper at sale time with online coupon for around $450 which is a good price if you have the funds
if you're going to buy used shoes, the Florsheim Imperial longwing is probably the best. If you can find one with the V-cleat on the heel those tend to be sought after so consider it a great find if it fits and is in decent shape. Nothing wrong with modern Florsheim or Loakes, both are in same class of quality, if you take care of em they'll look fine but they're def not top can tell if they're real cordovan by how the creases look. if you look at Roy's pics ...
Roy, do you lot have to pay VAT on items shipped into the UK from outside europe??? Allen Edmond cordovans would be about 350 quid approx....shipping probably another 20-25 quid, so around 375 before any import duties. I've paid import duties on shoes from UK to USA, it's generally been around $40-80 depending on the shoe (about 27 - 55 quid). as for sizing they run very true to size so one of the easier shoes to buy sight unseen as far as fit. Alden is trickier to size.
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