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since it's brought up, was the term "hard mod" ever actually used back then? or is this a construct of the revival years, looking back and labelling them as such? I mean mods definitely referred to themselves as "mods", but were there individuals that pegged themselves as a hard mod to separate himself from the artsy mod (hence a pre-skinhead of sorts)
London Rudeboy, in 74 what made you guys want to dress as skinheads? i mean, did you come across old newspaper articles and decide "we want to be like that"? i find it fascinating that guys in your time might have been the first skinheads to want to be skinheads as a way of being rebellious and going against the norm of its day, purposely choosing to be outsiders. or is that putting too much backstory into what you guys were doing at the time?
out here it seems the girls make a lot of effort and are well turned out at reggae/ska do's, but many guys look like slobs, and sad thing is that they probably think they are looking very smart
yes, not sure what to think of it. i mean, is there a need to make a pair of DMs with cordovan leather??
no they are still corrected grain, but is a nicer quality than the normal 1460 leather. seems just slightly thicker, shines up better, and looks much nicer after a lot of walking and creasing, and repeated polishing. Color is also great, so much richer looking than the oxblood/cherry red
this boot is also discontinued. some reason DM will not be making it anymore, according to them, It seemed to have sold very well, so not sure why they are not making it anymore. But full range of sizes on UK site, but if you're stateside they will not ship overseas so you'd have to proxy it thru a local.and welcome to the forum KicksinStyle and Hennesy
this thread never had an agenda (AFAIK) when London Rudeboy (aka Spirit of 69) started it years ago, it started with "new breed" contributors talking about their take on traditional skinhead (because there were no originals who posted on this forum), and def took a proper turn when original guys like Roy, Paul, Colin, John, etc joined to share their experiences. so like most threads it takes on tangents, but personally I dont mind a wider encompassing of topics, and while...
^^^ excellent post Buttons, a lot of good points brought up. My mate in Japan, Jun (pictured a few pages ago from my Tokyo trip) wears a lot of the smooth gear (ruperts, beagle collars etc), but it works on him and he reminds me of the English fellow Will whom I've seen tons of pics, both into that post-1970 look Being in 2012 we have the luxury of looking back and taking elements of the 50 some years of skinhead style, even if it wasnt technically "skinhead" back in its...
you're def a class act.yes the spanish lot are VERY well put together, as are the Italians I've met. One of these days would love to take holiday to Barcelona when they have one of their big reggae/soul weekends
Roy what is that tie pin you've got for your hanky? gotta say the one detail I always apreciate about your photos is that you're one of the few english gents (at least in pics I see) that uses a real hankie in his breast pocket, as opposed to the carded kind which I always thought was akin to wearing a clip on tie. and generally speaking I also prefer a more traditional suit, with the single ticket pocket.
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