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Yes! thanks for taking the time to find and post those!
I thought Madness was great. They played nearly all old classics, only 2 of the newer songs. So for me was best set they could have played. and House of Blues is not that big, so we were able to be up front 5 feet from them all night.no, dont travel to see bands since I am a lazy homebody. Have seen Business many times over the years, just saw em in London last year, was nice to see them play to a hometown crowd. 'Sparrer is a great band of course, but with new tracks...
yer in Frisco? that band Champions Inc are pretty good, nice to see a traditional style reggae/ska band. I also like Syndey Ducks, probably one of better oi bands in a while from west coast. The Inciters were in town over the weekend dowm here, but missed em since we went to Vegas to see Madness.
pressure drop, here is yer pic, rotated rightside up, it's a bitch having to turn the PC 90 degrees!!
yes, the Brooks "milano fit chinos" are very much staprest and not chinos in the traditional sense as they have a perma crease but the cloth is 100% cotton (no poly). If the Milano fit is too slim (it's not skinny, but a good slim fitting shape) they do have several wider fits of the same trouser. I dont know about UK, but in USA, Brooks has sales quite often, so if not in a hurry you could get for cheaper during such sale.I do have a question......what was the dominant...
^ that's great, love the touch with the boots. Used to watch The Saint relgiously in reruns growing up in 80s
some fantastic posts in the last few days!! Thanks to all the newcomers for joining in the discussion. Will have to spend some time reading the longer stories as they seem fascinating upon a cursory read Aces&Eights, would love to see pics of the tattoos (gang markings) John Brideshead, very smart, the way a skinhead SHOULD age gracefully, so to speak. Roy, came back from a 4 day Rockabilly/R&B weekender. Sophie and Rob were there, was great to hang out with them...
I would guess the 101z model? I'd be interested in hearing a bit more about your Lee's as well Brideshead. the 101z had a zip fly, was preshrunk. very similar fit to the Levis 505 that came out in 1967 (zip fly, preshrunk)Ed, the "Lee Rider" nomenclature is still used nowadays, to differentiate their 'heritage" jeans (101b, 101z etc) from their modern line. But generally only known to denimheads
there was a guy that used to post on Modculture many years ago, his username was Bomber, but I never knew his real name (for all I know he posts on here), but he was an original skinhead and his accounts were one of the first and most thorough I had read anywhere. Would def be nice to have more fellows like him to join in. Having Alan (from BSG video) was a nice addition, let's see if he can find and figure out how to post his old photos from back in the day...
!!!!!! oh my lordythanks for posting those spiller, had not seen that 2nd image. tho knowing what we know now with all the splinter groups of skinheads, that photo looks like it's embracing "skinhead brotherhood" a bit too closely
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