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that's my mate's blog, good fella. REALLY into proper gear, not just the usual new breed stuff. For a younger guy very clued up, the scene would do well with more fellas like him around.
it seems the Baracuta for Japan is licensed completely differently than what you find in the west, they make products sold in japan stores i have never seen anywhere else by Baracuta. A huge range of tweed harringtons, selvedge denim jeans, mac jackets, etc.
welcome Coatsy and Jam74! Jam74, we're from same era, mid-late 80s....I also grew up with oi/punk then eventually got into the original sounds later on. cant ever go wrong sticking with nicely tailored strides (staprest, wool trousers, whatever, as long as cut well and hemmed properly so not to look sloppy), nice brogues and a tucked in buttondown shirt. simple stuff that looks "skinhead" to someone in the know, but to any normals you'd just come off as a nicely attired...
good pic, thanks for sharingthought you'd disappeared again!
just make it a habit of logging in every other day or so, since there is new posts everyday!
so who had the BEST dms in the city then??and welcome to the site
^^ Atom Retro is not a bad site, got one of my Baracuta harringtons from there on sale, service was very quick and price fair!
those are not anything like staprest worn by skinheads, in that they are very skinny fitted. The closest staprest Levis sells currently to original 60s ones is made for Japan market only and unavail outside of Japan. unless you just want really skinny staprest cloth strides, I would stay away from those if you are going for the skinhead look.
the Fred Perry CdG collab was just a couple years, around 04-05. Have a vneck and a cardigan from that era, really nice gear. Then they moved onto the Raf Simons collab which was hit/miss, but a few nice pieces The Japanese line of Fred Perry is great. Many pieces that are not avail outside of Japan at all. Sizing is also different (smaller) and quality fantastic. Always pick up a few bits when in Tokyo but other than the knitted "sweater polos" which I still wear, ...
Just got my copy of the new book "Where Were You - Dublin Youth Culture & Street Style 1950-2000". a very nicely put together book with nearly every page crammed with photos, many involving images of Teds, Mods and skinheads. Def worth the money imo, wasnt that expensive if I remember correct, and that was shipped from UK to USA Here are some quick scans of early irish skinhead life. 1970 1971 interesting thing about this one is he has quite a bit of tattoo...
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