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The Look has def gone mainstream for past couple years...see a lot of guys out and about now wearing 1/2" braces, but they are just fashion boys, nothing to do with any kind of UK sucbulture we were recently at a new british pub, and all the waitstaff were wearing 1/2" braces as part of their uniform, good thing I wore a belt that night!!!!
awesome pics Dave!! had never seen those before
lucky!! I have the Geno W & Ram Jam Band live cd recorded in 60s and you can just hear the energy, can only imagine how much moreso it was if you were there live
yer mate Dave F mentioned Danny is a bit of a fitness fanatic these days, into all kinds of exercise ritualshave been lucky to have never been on the wrong end of a stabbing but several friends have over the years, one very close friend being stabbed in the heart by a rival mob, underwent heart surgery and luckily survived. his chest tattoo no longer meets up properly in the middle tho. His mate was not so lucky, was stabbed in neck and died that evening.
it's acetate lined sleeves (not tartan)
have one in navy. it's a quality jacket. fit is pretty much like most harringtons, imo run about a size larger. normally a 38, i got my JtG in a 36 and fits perfect. I wear same in Baracuta, so I would get whatever Baracuta size you wear.
the fellow in front sitting on left has a very interesting jacket. at first i thought it was a cardigan, but it drapes and fits more like a sportjacket (and has a breast patch pocket) but it has no lapels. Looks completely unstructured like a sweater, but to my eyes looks like it is indeed a jacket.
MA-1 make sure you get an Alpha. besides the overall quality being better than the "repros" they arent as puffy. i mean it's a bomber so it's always going to be kinda puffy, but the Alpha ones are less so than the cheaper knockoffs which will ALL make you look like the staypuff marshmallow man
saw a post of a Giuda video a couple pages back, great band!! never was into the 70s glam/bootboy stuff but I really like the way Giuda mixes that original sound with a punk edge. That entire record is phenomenal, no weak tracks!
Ted Baker suits...dont own one but have tried them on a few times over the years. I know they have 2 fits, one being slimmer/tighter than the other but i dont remember how they differentiated between overall i thought they fit ok and if anything ran on the small side of their size tag. personally, if it isnt dirt cheap, I dont recommend suit buying off ebay unless the seller has a return policy
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