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^^ hey Stefan. thanks for link, really cool and good quality video
agree +1
great pic ^^^, dont recall ever seeing that one before Russ, nice jumper. i'm also a big fan of cable knit cricket jumpers. Like Roy says, more if an ivy league style than skinhead, but I'm a big fan of some of the Ivy looks from the 50s/60s and wear a lot of it myself.
i love those Black Fleece polos. have a few myself, don't consider them "skinhead gear" not that matters to me but they definitely can be worn in a skinhead context outfit without looking out of place. Great details and tend to fit very well. The staprest look great as well, esp that color you describe which def doesnt translate in photo.the 60s gang stories are interesting...i suppose today's skinhead is far safer than those who came before as I dont think there is...
some really interesting stuff overnight!that is a great record by Jackie Mittoo...and I always liked his pics wearing a suit as well. yes the jacket is a very short bumfreezer, but quite a few artists at that time wore them like that, Sam Cooke immediately comes to mind.I'm glad the Jamaica thing was brought up, the one bit of nonsense I've heard over the years by American skinheads is the mantra "the first skinheads were Jamaican". One of my good mates when i was about...
lol, was wondering where you'd hidden yourself Paul! thread def took an interesting tangent while you were MIA tho haha
I like the shawl cardigans, as a matter of good general smart style, but they're not "Skinhead" if that's what you're going for.
same size as the boot.
^^^ I like the DM insole. Nice thing is because you buy them to size of boot they fit perfect without any cutting and trimming. Price wise about the same as the better drugstore insoles so better to go with DM ones. The cheap drugstore insoles are garbage and not worth the $3
Roy, forgot to ask you this earlier when you posted the corduroys you wore in 60s did you wear them hemmed short with boots, or did you hem them just at the ankle to wear with shoes? interesting bit about cords being a part of the style, since I dont think i've ever seen an original photo with cords being worn
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