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^^ great Roy. i like the crotch rivet, that's one of those details that I really dig. and yours is a bit different than the norm, even better and CAMO pocket bags??? fucking rad the fading along the selvedge is (at least out here) called "railroad tracks"
safe to say no one would have thought about their jeans in terms of which year/model back then....you'd prolly just get what was the current jean at the time, which would have been the 1966 501 or the 1967 505 (zipper fly). but i do think it's interesting that Roy and Choco mention how important it was to have the selvedge showing, since you figure at that era many jeans were made from selvedge denim so I'm a bit impressed that was a conscious thought on their part. ...
the jean thing is an interesting topic for me, being a jeans junkie.....i think it's safe to say most "traditional" skinheads nowadays do not care about selvedge denim, they just want a pair of any Levis as a part of the "correct uniform", but even 10+ years ago here in the STATES (where we always get the tag of doing it wrong), for some traditional skinheads it was very important to have selvedge Levis. Matter of fact, before the current fad of selvedge denim where every...
inverted turnup = normal hem, right? not sure i'm understanding what's "unique" about it
know of Tellason, but have not seen them in person. They look quite nice tho. In the last couple years there has been a huge offspring of artisan denim brands that have popped up. Most all use Cone Mills selvedge denim, with production done the old school way. Time will tell which of these brands will survive, as there are so many now it's hard to set yourself apart from the next guy as they all have good denim, good detailing, good construction, good fit, similar...
a man after my own heartBig E in London....there's also a store in Carnaby St, near the Fred Perry on Newburgh IIRC, that basically only sells LVC denims (forget their name right now). And Son of Stag off Brick Lane has selvedge Lee as well as some Japanese labels. But it's very expensive in UK for these denims, moreso than states, and def more than in Japan where it's much more affordable.
that's interesting because my experience is nearly oppposite. I remember when I got my first couple pairs of DMs in the mid 80s, those were so hard to break in (finally did but took a long time). Now, the MiE boots are comfortable from day 1 and TBH they dont need breaking in at all. The miE Langston oxblood boot I recently got is the only modern DM that needed a day or two of breaking in as the leather feels thicker than the 1460 miE boots, but they've been fine...
do you know what the leather is called? They seem like the dark brown "For Life" boots. The brass eyelets and the brown pull tab are consistent with the FL boots. The way it's photo'd the leather looks slightly different tho, but hard to say for sure. If so those cost $150 (about 100 quid) stateside, for your price matching purposes....here's a pic from the DM site
this one? that brown (smooth) is a new color I think, dont remember seeing it before. it was always the matte/distressed kinda brown that costs about 80 quid, if you cant find it cheaper we can always proxy it for you and ship to UK. (about 20 quid to ship so factor that into price as well). I found when in London, the price of DMs costs more than stateside, for the same boot (based on price at the DM store in COvent garden) very odd when you think about it.
Don't think there's anything "rockabilly" about his look but that's neither here nor there. But I agree that guy looks good esp with his build and shows some personal style. A less skinny jean would probably compliment his outfit better tho.I love that you can put words in my mouth ( once the cock is removed) and be spot on with what's said.
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