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smart as fuck for sure Roy ^^^ gotta say the one thing I appreciate about your pics from 'dos is that when you get suited up you wear a Tie. You never see the other "traditional skinheads" ever wearing a tie these days
see I find this stuff really fascinating, going back to the topic of "long lost skinhead style". You'd never see or hear about today's skinhead wearing an ivy-style blazer.
would depend on how skinny one is. for me a 8" - 8.5" max bottom is just right for looking straight legged. 9" tends to look almost flared on me. the 80s skinhead look I grew up with is def tight jeans!! Looking back, not a good look, too tight. But I used to think the image on Condemned 84 "boots go marching in" was the bees knees, and the standard to live up to haha!!
can you clarify what you mean by "blazer"? that word has undergone a variety of meanings over the yearsyou mean a traditional navy blazer with metal brass buttons? Or just a separate sportjacket?
^^ personally I never understood the Originals' appeal for Solatios/Norwegians and Crossovers. I know they are popular among those going for the Original look but.... different horses for courses I suppose.
on that note, it would be great to incorporate a few paragraphs in the Walk Proud book, about "long lost fashion" that is not typically associated with skinhead. for example corduroy strides, the coat just mentioned above etc.
interesting bit of info. I actually have a dark red jacket EXACTLY as you describe (looks like a monkey jacket, wool, snap button front and a small shawl collar), made by Lacoste for the Japanese market. But these were not typical skinhead jacket were they? I thought it was something that M-o-M was after for himself, but not sure if it was based on what skinheads wore back in his (your) day, or just something he wanted as a well dressed bloke in 2011
this wont help much, but I've found after reading tons of posts about shoe sizing (among many brands) asked by people who seem to need a specific size fitting, that a lot of online advice is only marginally helpful since the phrase "YMMV" really applies when it comes to shoes and ya gotta try it on for yourself and risky buying sight unseen onlinethat said, IMO and from MY experience, I find Dr Marten airwair to run small, so I always size up 1 full size from my norm. ...
Talking about corduroys the other page made me wonder if there is any other gear that was commonly worn but not as well known about...? since the skinhead style uses clothes that were around much longer than "skinhead" in the form of "city gent" gear, what about other smart dress, for example flannels, tweeds (in trousers or coats) etc. There seems to be a lot of room for incorporating such cloths into original skinhead dress. or was it looked down upon to wear such...
site has some good gear, but lord the prices!!! Esp on the Studio d'Artisan jeans, way too high!!
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