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nothing mindblowing....a couple slip over sweater vests. pair of jeans and tshirts from Studio d'Artisan. showed far more restraint than in past!!but the amount of cool gear (not necessarily skinhead but just "cool" in general) in Tokyo is mindblowing if you have the $$$
damn some good stuff while i was in Japan. Really interesting talk about the various shirts that are so coveted these days, esp about Jon Wood which always seem to fetch near 200 quid if they have skinhead details a couple pics from Tokyo/ years spent with the crew that hangs out at Bermondsey Cafe, a brit pub owned by my mate Jun who some may know since he goes to the big weekenders in England quite a bit and many know him over in UK. The Nagoya guys are...
Merry Belated Xmas as well! hope everyone has a great new years, will be off to Tokyo tomorrow for a week and half so hopefully there will be some good stuff to catch up with when I return! will be going to a traditional skinhead reggae night at my friend's bar in Nagoya, so maybe some good pics will come from it. I know some of you may know him since he travels to England a lot to go to the larger ska/reggae weekenders!
yes they moved their shoes to an adjacent spot, so it's no longer upstairs.regarding muttonchop could always go the Kev Turner route, and get a DM boot tattooed there
+1 it's the slant eye curse
yea Phil and Yaffa are friends of ours, been going there forever. That is easily the world's largest Fred Perry selection in one spot. Not sure when you were there last, but in addition to the main store, and the adjacent space which they sell Lambretta, Ben Sherman and Merc out of, they also got the other adjacent side and it is an official "Dr Marten" shop (among other likeminded shoe brands like George Cox etc). It's def one of the best one stop "UK subculture" stores...
Nice pic Darkside. Harrysgame, I'd also be interested in what you mean by "pinafore". To my knowledge, those are dresses that were popular mostly in 1940s, with the 2 straps (almost like suspenders) that are attached to a skirt and criss-cross in the back. But i'm sure that word has been used to describe a bunch of different dress styles over the decades.
agree,surprisingly warm. only thing for me is the pure silk ones like to slide downwards off my neck. I thought it was maybe a poor wrapping technique on my part but others have said same....if anyone knows of a superior way to wrap it so it stays put would love to hear. I do have one of those half silk half wool, and that works much better for staying in place, but I like the lightness of the pure silk. If it gets warm (indoors) it's easy to stuff in a pocket for...
I'll take one of those!
Longest time I thought they were part of the Original gear as well. My ex-skin friends who dont dress it anymore, will still refer to the Sherpa denim in a "I dont dress skinhead anymore but once in a while I will wear my sherpa denim jacket". Me, I cant get the image of 1970s truck drivers out of my head when I see sherpa denim.
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