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hey, welcome back. Yea you started a good one!
yes very good picture. the one fella on the 2nd from right looks to have a PVC patch on the knees of his jeans....? wonder what that is about
I like the Langston better. for me the darker oxblood color looks better than the more brick red color of the MR, and the leather is much thicker and seems sturdier. also after repeated polishing, the Langstons really take a nice shine and as the leather has started to patina, just looks great. I think it's interesting that tho the Langston is 8i and MR is 11i, the boot shaft is nearly same height, so the Langston is a very tall boot for being 8i.
here's an old pic I have never seen til now, wonder if anyone had any info about when it's from, where, etc?
welcome Darryl, sounds like you got yer head on straight
wtf? haha yea that is me. and i'm wearing Jump the Gun staprest in that pic, not the ones being sold. dont care, face is blocked out so fine by me. should be flattered I suppose. What was funnier is someone came across a German newsstory on "fred perry worn by facist thugs" and the pic they used was of me wearing a FP buttondown, but again my face covered. Now that one was a WTF?!!?!?!? moment!!! hah But I suppose my strong teutonic features resonated with the...
dunno yet Paul...want to try and pick a time that something cool is happening like Margate (this year's Bigger Boss is right at end of Olympics so flights and hotel to UK are $$$$), but we're also limited to when the missus can take her vacation while her school is on break, but hopefully sooner than later!
Yes he was wearing a West Ham scarf. Next to him is Tommy (with fist out) who was wearing a J-League (japan football league) scarf of his team. But yes English football is popular, but football in general is very popular there with many.
My guess is because Tokyo scene started with bands influenced by British oi. The first oi bands in early-mid 80s like Shuffle, Angry Ducks, Bad Vultures, Eastern Youth etc all played hard oi. Then came the popular "samurai skins spirit" bands like Sledgehammer, Ouka, bull the Buffalos etc who also had the hard sound and hard politics. West Japan always seemed more traditionally oriented anyways as their bands aren't as political as the Tokyo bands were and more rooted...
Roy, I just came across this bit in Nick Knights book and wondered if you had any input on what he talking about the original days he was talking about how there wasn't much antagonism between skinheads and blacks and made this statement that never registered with me til now since you hung with the Kilburn mob.... "many blacks were skinheads or formed their own crews, such as the Kilburn Blacks and the Kilburn Whites." Was there really a crew of all black...
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