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^^ i thought he is maybe wearing a short sleeve shirt under that suit because he is showing no cuff, because his jacket sleeve is not long and ends just shy of his wristbone (as it should). if he is wearing a long sleeve shirt it must be quite short in arms for him.
this is amazing.....i'm sure many here (well, the non-originals) know of the famous Last Resort song called "Violence in our Minds". It's an early 80s Oi classci turns out that is not their song, whoever wrote it (supposedly a friend of the band penned the words) based it on this, an acoustic track from the original skinhead days performed by Miles Wooton called "Skinheads" and here is the Last Resort version (sung by Roi...
that "my son the skinhead" article was also reprinted in George Marshall's "Spirit of 69" book. always thought it amusing, the juxtaposition of the boy and his mum's comments on his behavior
Dont think this one has been posted, maybe the clearest shot of "skinhead girls" supposedly early 70s. Cheers to Joao for finding this one!
Great pics indeed! Thanks for sharing the find!
yep, these were still available in mid 80s. i had friends that wore these around 86. always thought they were pretty horrid. But i do like the way monkey boots have "evolved" into a much nicer looking shoe with some of the recent interpretations (Solovair, Trickers, etc)
next thing you know the 100 Club will be turned into a McDonalds you sure those are Hare Krishnas in that other photo and not skinheads coming out from a spa visit and massage??
when I first saw that I couldnt figure out where that came from, and in what context it was shown. wasnt til much later that someone said it was a newspaper advert. still pretty well shot footage, when did it originally air..... had to be late 70s/early 80s? tho it looks older with the black/white film stock
nice one! looks like the place was jumping when he got around to MoonHop!
this is true. look at all the stuff that has survived over the years as skinhead gear that has seen a resurrection by way of fashion boys and normalstop of my head-harrington jackets-trousers cut to no break or even shorter-american heavy brogues-fair isle knits-gingham shirts paired with vnecks-donkey jackets made by fashion houses-shirts with the 3rd neck collar buttonetc
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