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truth Ed. looking smart doesnt have to have a brand name attached, just a good eye.
John, dont even bother with Brutus. they were apparently shite shirts in the original days, and they are shit shirts today. Cloth is terrible, at least their first 3 models were cotton/poly so held up ok, but the newer ones are 100% cotton and fabric is cheap and shitty. If you're going to use 100% cotton, it'd better be decent cloth. fit is ok, but sleeves are way too small in proportion. I dont have big arms but feel like i am gonna hulk out. That DM collab shirt...
my fave shirts. have most all of them at this point. fit pretty spot on for me and I'm in the camp that likes the poly/cotton blend since I hate to iron. some of the best check patterns from modern brands too. also he is in the scene so you are supporting a peer and not some faceless company
with the huge english immigrant population, would be hard not to believe migrant labour isnt used at some venerable institutions to save a quid or two.It's known that many italian factories are now run by chinese, and they have brought in chinese immigrants to work in them, some producing very well known high end products. so while it's made in Italy, it might as well be made in China. instead of Luigi making your shoes/bags, it's some guy named Shang-Chi
nope, thing about a "made in USA" tag is that it will be more often than not some kind of migrant labor (in Levis case, as their MiUSA line is now made in Los Angeles, 99.99999% it is mexican labour)there are a lot of asian sweatshops right here in SoCal, that employ underage children to make clothes, a guy I work with now used to be one of these kids, and there have been quite a few busts of small sweatshops operating out of apartment buildings making garments. I think...
yea he mentioned he knew you from UtJ events. good guy!
lol, not with the thirsty lot that showed up for the 'do!!
Colin, Mick is from Kent, said he's pretty much born and lived whole life in that part
quick pic from over the weekend, DJ Mick Jeffries from UK (far right) and Marco/Sussi from Sweden/Canada were visiting town for a big skinhead reggae weekender. Mick is an original from 68-9. Good folks, good times.
you think?? if you look at the DM catalog it is 95% stuff that punks/skins would never wear. when I see them being worn outside of a skinhead 'do or punk gig, it is always by normals.
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