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what with all the pages this thread has gone thru, i dont remember if these were ever talked about. def not traditional skinhead footwear, but I seem to recall reading someplace on another site, that some skinheads wore this type of French worker shoe??? Pictured is the Paraboot "Michael". imo ugly as sin, but there's something oddly attractive about them, being so ugly
obviously out of the price range for most younger skinheads, but the Alden brogue that Roy's posted above, is definitely the Cadillac of skinhead footwear. They wear like tanks as well, have had mine for a few years, in cordovan #8 (oxblood) and a cigar cordovan. amazingly comfortable and hard wearing. quick pic wearing them in Tokyo, waiting for ramen!
NYC doesnt seem to have much going on anymore. Otto's Shrunken Head bar in lower east side has a "skinhead night" every thursdays, but it's mostly reggae/ska, not soul.
a facebook shared photo, good one, havent seen it before. nice to see "action shots" 1969, Cardiff City vs Bristol match
john, i like it in between the two pics. longer than vintage pic, shorter than yours.
looks to be just rebadged Solovair boots which have been around a while
this is a cool vintage photo, never seen it before but supposedly it is from 1967 but you can see some of the mods here, looking very proto-skinhead, with braces, turned up jeans/boots etc originally posted by Symond, promoting his "great skinhead reunion" for 2013 on faceachebook
i dont even wear DMs anymore, other than Langstonthese days my rotation is-11i Solovair oxblood-11i Solovair steeltoe oxblood-11i Solovair "1969" boot from Mikkel Rude (oxblood)I think the Solovair oxblood color is better, not as flat as DM color, imo looks better as color is slightly deeper/darker. it's all corrected grain leather, but does shine well. the whole correct/full grain discussion over "bovver boots" is irrelevant, i mean i wouldnt want to wear a full grain...
i remember our interchange with Davidchan about the langstons....for me it's the opposite. Have had them since they first came out, have walked zillion miles in them and they've held up well and antiqued really nicely for me. I have many of the boots he does as well and kind of prefer these to the higher end ones, which always pains me as Trickers/Aldens/Red Wing etc are much more $ but i tend to prefer wearing the Langstons, or my Solovairs. but to each his own, I...
dave, remember those "paul weller" ben sherman shirts they did about 6-7 years ago? those were wide striped, iirc had the proper size collar etc. never got one myself, but they looked ok. just recently got a striped s/s from Claudio that is quite good, wide striped with a mix of bronze-brown, light blue and burgundy. smart color palette and yes yer right, he can customize aspects to the design, i was going off the general selection on his site, for s/s shirts I think...
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