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my eyes surely deceive me.
Saint James II in Vintage Rioja or Racing Green.
Good to know - and only makes the whole site even more suspect.
WA?????? These must be counterfit. They have 'John Lobb' for the same low price. Seems to be associated with a company in India called Myntra?
Hell - sometimes they come from the factory that way! I'd wait a couple of days and check back. One might simply have been 'dryer' and absorbed more moisture/pigment.If still uneven after waiting just put another coat on the lighter shoe and they will probably even out.
Aj lives in Delhi. Import duties in India are very high.
Of course there is. Empire, Federal, Greek Revival, Regency, are all particular periods of furnishings or interior designs that might be considered as 'neo classical'. Some more so than others.
I'd go for the Alfred Sargent. The leather quality on their exclusive range is very nice. I have one pair from them and the leather is very comparable to G&G. Look at the pictures closely you can see the difference in the photos.
Cheesus!?!?!?!?!?! Is that you?
Actually I see it totally differently than you do. As one of the primary, if not THE primary driving philosophy behind 'modernist' design is directly related to efficiency. ie: 'Form Follows Function', 'A Building as a machine for living', a willingness to strip away all ornament in the service of efficiency, a focus on exploiting the potential technological advances. For their time and place the Shakers were actually at the forefront of this thinking. Of course,...
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