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Just don't do this.....................................
Things are good, very busy!Shoes - CarminaSocks - PantherellaTrou - NPC
Glad to be back!You're the slayer! With all those new G&Gs. They Rock.Good to see you - howz things on the left coast?Hey Mimo! The shoes are not MTO - from the Carmina Website (not Webstore). The lovely Betty tracked 'em down for me.
Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.......... Shoes - Carmina Socks - Pantherella Trou - Panta
Do not buy plated - it will wear off eventually. Buy solid gold.
Welcome young one.Your best simple bet is Meltonian cream polish in a shade to match your shoes (or just slightly lighter).From your description of the sole it sounds like you bought 'driving shoes' these are not going to be terribly durable, they are not designed for heavy wear.As for the wrinkles - they happen - shoe trees, kept in the shoe at all times that you are not wearing them will minimize them.
my eyes surely deceive me.
Saint James II in Vintage Rioja or Racing Green.
Good to know - and only makes the whole site even more suspect.
WA?????? These must be counterfit. They have 'John Lobb' for the same low price. Seems to be associated with a company in India called Myntra?
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