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Shoes - Meermin (Ama last) Socks - Pantherella Trou - Armani I'm sorry to say this last is not for me. Anyone wanna buy some Meermins at cost (Size UK 7, free shipping, no duties) ?
Justin - the Bontonis rule! Stichy - Love seeing the little one's shoes. Shoes - C&J Socks - Pantherella Trou - Armani The shoes had a quick toe cap polish last night using the new 'high shine polish' from SF member Glen Jay. So far I am VERY impressed. The polish is quite hard and dense - goes on dryish and rubs out to a high gloss shine very quickly. I think with just another coat I would have been able to quickly achieve a full on mirror finish - but I prefer this...
My advice would be exactly that. What is done to one should should generally speaking be done to the other. No harm done. They are going to change color over time anyway.I'd start with a cream polish as close to the current shoe color as reasonably possible. Err on the light side rather than the dark side. Dark may absorb a bit unevenly if the shoes are still dry in spots.
I'll never reveal my sources. Unless I need to in order to avoid jail time.On a separate note: I believe today is actually 'Blue Tuesday' not 'Black Tuesday'.Shoes - SantoniSocks - PantherallaTrou - KC
Socks for rent? Is this like renting a girl scout? Must one go waaaaayyyyy downtown and down a dark alley to find such socks? Perhaps deal with a gentleman named Gerome in a big hat with feather died to match?Enquiring minds want to know.
Just don't do this.....................................
Things are good, very busy!Shoes - CarminaSocks - PantherellaTrou - NPC
Glad to be back!You're the slayer! With all those new G&Gs. They Rock.Good to see you - howz things on the left coast?Hey Mimo! The shoes are not MTO - from the Carmina Website (not Webstore). The lovely Betty tracked 'em down for me.
Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.......... Shoes - Carmina Socks - Pantherella Trou - Panta
Do not buy plated - it will wear off eventually. Buy solid gold.
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