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BUY THESE! I love my Carminas in green shell.It's about time to pull them off the old shelf and brush them up for fall/winter. They've been chillin' in the dark cool closet all summer.
MOAR GREEN! Hi Uncle Mac. Hi Stitchy
Look for lightweight wool, and unlined or partially lined. It's the lining that makes the jacket hot. Consider high tech fabrics for undershirt - a good skin tight wicking undershirt is your best friend in a hot humid climate.
Hi all! I'm just stopping by to promote a current MTO that I've joined. Smoking hot fun for fall with a green suede boot and rubber sole. http://www.meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=26 Please order up and push it over the top! Daddy NEEDS him some green suede!
Things are quite well, hope the same for you!Things in the design world went from famine to feast about 6 months ago. I don't hang on SF at the moment. But hope to be back at some point.I've moved on the Paleo diet boards in the meantime. Gotta be addicted to learning something new - ya know?
@ Namor Boo!Yes - Two pairs - they are very dressy for loafers (something about the long last) so I wear them mostly with the odd jacket/trou combos. I like a more 'casual' looking loafer for jeans/khakis.
Now I'm talking from memory here - but didn't we previously determine that Reno contains Pine Oil and not turpentine? They are two similar, but different, things.
Did you get those from HRH? They look just as beat up as his infamous Lobbs.Wonderful old things, they are.
Very interesting PB. I went through my first jar of Reno pretty quickly (about a year), as I basically started using it as my 'one stop' treatment. But I've not replaced that Reno as I started to worry that the continuous 'lifting off' of the existing finish could not be good for my shoes in the long run. I went back to using a product intended for conditioning only (Saphir Leather Lotion). Presuming that it has less solvent in it. And indeed it lifts off far less...
Reno is really not intended for constant use. It is intended to be used only periodically as it includes a certain amount of solvent which is designed to lift a small amount of polish and embedded dirt. For frequent conditioning I use leather lotion or simply cream polish. It's not really going to harm your shoes by applying frequent conditioning - but as mentioned above - too much oil sitting on the surface of the shoe can make it difficult to impossible to get a high...
New Posts  All Forums: