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Need to switch squat programming desperately. End of LP is brutal and I just don't have the time to spend 10 minutes resting between sets.
FWIW I am forced to use Chrome for some work I do. I used to like it. Now I hate it and prefer Firefox. It just seems slow and bloated to me, and I hate the clear text password issue.
On a side note, does anyone here bike commute daily? I think that everyone I know who bike commutes in an urban area has been to the ER at least once because of an accident.
He can put a pretty pink bow on it all he wants. There may be a higher purpose for the extreme frugality, but it's still extreme frugality.The other issue is these gurus never seem to acknowledge the time/money tradeoff or even time budgeting. Sure, building my own house will save me money. Maintaining my own car will save me money. But the time I spend doing these things (including the huge learning curve) is time I can't spend doing other things, like building my career....
Zaxby's/Guthrie's/Raising Cane's ("chicken finger concept" restaurants)Last month I went 4 meals in a row eating some form of fast food fried chicken.My wife hates that I eat Chick-Fil-A because of the political issues, but there is just nothing else that's actually good at that price point.... and I just found a Cookout that I drive past every month.
No, not really. Rice & beans, reducing expenses, lifehacks, etc. is all standard personal finance/frugality blogger stuff. MMM is much more extreme."If you still need to work for money, or at the very least, if you’re not saving at least 50% of your take-home pay, you can not afford it. Where 'it' is anything."That is the MMM philosophy.
This just makes me realize that theft is the highest form of Badassity®. I am going to start a blog based on this premise.But you can go hiking, though. Or like, go to gallery openings and mooch free wine.
I just came across this a few days ago. Save money by buying a trailer for your bike instead of renting a moving van! Spray yourself with water instead of using AC on road trips!Just read this article and the crux of the issue, at least for me, is the moralism described:"Luxury is just another weakness."
I have no intentions of retiring early as long as I'm successful in my chosen career. (Realistically, I probably won't be able to retire early no matter what. Thanks, Obama.)My dad "retired" ~7 years ago, yet still does consulting on his own terms. My mom retired and is going stir crazy. We keep trying to find her a hobby, but she doesn't take to anything.
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