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The idiot I talked to at the health insurance marketplace in September didn't actually cancel my plan, so as of now I owe 4 months of premium. The nightmare continues.
After about a year of thrifting, I finally found some actual pissed on trousers. A major milestone.
I'm lucky that we only do gifts in my immediate family now. I'm an only child, and my wife has one sister (who is not independent and can't afford big gifts). Makes things easy, especially because none of us (except the sister) really expect anything. This year we got everybody souvenirs from Europe. I would rather get nothing then something I'll have to feel guilty throwing out or donating to goodwill.
Just watched the second HP movie. The problem is that things that didn't seem ridiculous to me in the books seem ridiculous in the movies. Kenneth Branagh is great, though.
Finished the Harry Potter books, so I watched the first movie. It's really bad. It's like a bad 80s kids movie. Do they get better?
You must not read the thrift thread...
I haven't pulled any of my teeth out with pliers yet. So far so good.
Tooth doesn't hurt this morning. Maybe it just needed a night of heavy drinking.
I'm too addicted to Diet Dr Pepper for that to be in the realm of possibility, current dental problems notwithstanding. My goal is to die with better teeth than my father.
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