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My wife has a Facebook friend who used to post about two things on an almost daily basis: Crossfit and how much she thought the institution of marriage was complete bullshit, and that it wasn't possible for married people to be happy. To the point where my wife, who (unlike me) does not like arguing on the Internet, got in a little cyber-tiff. Her theory was that the girl was never in a serious relationship and had a skewed perspective because of jealously or whatever...
Flip talk: [[SPOILER]]
Spot on! 19" P2P. Thanks for the tips.And thanks for the advice on the return to everybody who replied. I sent a message offering a $10 refund as a tailoring credit.
So accept the return and pay return shipping as the buyer requested? For what the coat sold for and what it will cost to ship back, this means I am going to lose money. That's my problem. It's almost better to cut my losses and just let him keep the thing. $8 coat + ~$10 shipping + probably $12-15 return shipping if he doesn't use regional rate... I am now $30+ into a coat that sold for $25.
It's a bad pic. This is part of why I'm doing all my pics flat on the floor now. I'm going to wait for more input, but right now I am considering offering a $10 tailoring credit to have the sleeve lengthened.
I did include a sleeve measurement, including seam allowance to let out the sleeve. I didn't include separate "right sleeve" and "left sleeve" measurements.How many people here include separate left and right sleeve measurements in their auction listings? I've never seen it. Never. Not even for bespoke/MTM items. Not even by top rated, experienced sellers here.Looking at my pictures, the sleeves do not look like they are significantly different lengths. (Buyer is saying...
First return request. Advice? It's a MTM jacket (clearly stated in the listing), and I did not include separate "left sleeve" and "right sleeve" measurements. Do I need to do this? "hi. received the jacket and love it, but it has obviously been altered. the right sleeve is significantly shorter than the left and way too short. need to return with a full refund. Thank you." My instinct is to send a message like, “Thank you for your request. I do not accept returns. The...
Anyone familiar with vintage Brooks Brothers women's tags? Is there a size here?
I'm not even hitting any thrifts in Milwaukee this week assuming you guys cleaned them out.
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