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I hate the word "garner." It's one of those words people use when they want to sound smart.
I've given up an am just buying some black epoxy NSF shelving for my living room. Can't find a bookcase big enough under $1k. I'm getting an 18x72x86" 6-shelf unit for around $225 from a restaurant supply store. At least the NSF stuff is durable, easy to move, easy to resell, and modular. It could be used for basement/garage/pantry in the future. Can't say the same about most other stuff in the same price range.
I just drive 8-9 miles over the speed limit and have never had a problem. Of course, I have a sub-compact, so going 80+ is not exactly fun.
Just learned most dental insurance plans have 6 or 12 month waiting periods for major services. Guess I will have to pay out-of-pocket if I want my tooth fixed. Yay.
Got spooked by identity theft. Finally motivated me to install a password manager and start using random passwords for critical accounts.
The Oatmeal is so overrated.
I have very limited experience driving stick (my college roommate taught me, but my cars have always been automatic), but I drive with the idea that unnecessary braking = burning money. You wear your brakes out faster and reduce your gas mileage. I've even gotten in the habit of using the button to turn off cruise control instead of tapping the brake pedal.City driving amuses me, too, because I generally coast to red lights, so I play a lot of leapfrog with impatient...
Cleveland is 2 hours from Columbus and 2 and a half from Pittsburgh. I don't get that argument. Wouldn't live in our hang out in downtown Cleveland though. Have to go either east or west to find the cool neighborhoods.
It seems there are drivers who do not realize that you can slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator and think the only way to slow down is by using the brake.
Was it the purple one?
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