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Fixing gerrymandering would hopefully lead to more competitive districts and more natural turnover. With gerrymandered districts, term limits are pointless. You'll just have political machines churning out representative after representative.
No one opposes term limits theoretically, but they oppose them at the ballot box. 2016 reelection rates were 97% for the Senate and 90% for the House.As for an argument against them, having tons of inexperienced Congresspeople would just move things behind the scenes and increase the power of lobbyists and think tanks.
It's just the hormone thing in general. It's not specifically a preworkout "booster."
Look I'm only going to say this once there's only one #pizzagate and that's there's some folks who put some ungodly abomination called provel on an oversized saltine cracker cut it into uneven squares and call it "pizza" can't believe the mainstream media isn't reporting on this
Hey, cool. Ratfucking is alive and well.Major Fake News Operation Tracked Back to Republican Operative
Sorry to get all mainline Styleforvm in CE, but how bout all the brouhaha about Tom Ford refusing to dress Melania? How do you think the unavoidable boycott will affect TF sales?
The most commonly "accepted" supplements are: Creatine (5g daily - taken any time) Beta-alanine (6g daily, taken in 2-3 doses throughout the day) Caffeine (~2.5 mg/lb, depends on tolerance though, preworkout) D3 (depending on your exposure to sunlight) BCAAs (10 mg pre/post, 5 mg between meals) There are others, but these are the most widely recognized as being effective. Of course doing it this way means putting in more work than just taking a scoop of preworkout. If...
I'll never get over seeing a skeet in the wild.
Parades are what all the good generals are obsessed with because it feeds their egos. The shitty ones don't care about them. Everybody knows the best armies give the best parades. Image is everything.
I have a few things I bought for personal use I'm looking to sell or trade for cheap. Open to any offers. Gitman-made shirts, size M. Nice details. Natural buttons, single needle on the pastel shirt, interesting colors on the flannel. Flannel is pilling, but the pastel shirt is in great condition. M-65 with tag missing. I think this is a S based on measurements. Would fit a slim M. I wear a size 42 jacket and this is tight on me with a t-shirt. Shoulder: 19.75 P2P:...
New Posts  All Forums: