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It's a thing in some Midwestern cities. Pittsburgh definitely. Minneapolis apparently.
Not tavern cut. Regular pie cut, but when they do like 12 or 16 slices instead of the normal 8. And those tiny Coke cans are the biggest tease ever.
Why do you midwesterners cut your pizzas into little tiny slices? Is it so you have more surface area to dip into ranch dressing?
You need to read the 12th amendment.
Speaking of Gary Johnson, he gave an interview to Russian state media and apparently does not understand the difference between a territory and a sovereign nation.
Because of the absolute majority requirement of the electoral college, the two party system is essentially ingrained in the Constitution. That's the problem, and why no third party will succeed with a top-down approach. Even if we had three equally popular presidential candidates, the election would be thrown to the House of Representatives, who would very likely vote along partisan lines and choose one of the major party candidates.
I'm going to get a gift card out of this one. I actually needed this today.
Amazon must have a different definition of "guaranteed" than the rest of the world.
You can vote third party and sleep better at night, but it really is throwing your vote away. A third party vote has the same impact on the results of the election as a non-vote. If you're trying to "send a message," it's a message that the major parties can safely ignore. What did the impactful third party candidacies of Perot and Nader actually change in the long run?
New Posts  All Forums: