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Shit, I think I accidentally opened a case instead of just contacting the seller. Or is "a request" a different thing?
I hate Mondays at the gym. Like 50% more crowded than the rest of the week.
I haven't sent the message yet. Maybe I won't be so nice.
Thanks. Here's what I sent:Hi, I received the XXX. The item was described as "New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging," however I did not receive the item in its original packaging, and there are water marks on it which leads me to believe it has been used and washed.Since I can get the item new for $57.99 with free shipping on Amazon Prime, I would not have bid as high as I did if I had known the item was actually used.I would be...
I'm trying to decide whether to bother contacting the seller about an item I received that was described as "new" in the listing, but showed up clearly used and missing accessories. I know I mentioned this before. I know you guys are all sellers and I don't want to be a dick to the guy, but it's not right to list something as "New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging" when it's clearly not (no original packaging and has very obvious,...
Flight cancelled. I have 0:59-1:28 to wait for a callback from the airline. How can O'Hare still be messed up?
I am now in the firmly anti-seat reclining camp.
I know this has been discussed ad infinitum here, but I just put on a pair of 514s I haven't worn all summer, and dammit they fit like jeggings in the thighs now. I need to get the stretch kind from now on.
I just searched for "dungarees" because I enjoy that word, and I was not disappointed with the image search results.
Dammit. What are my other options?
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