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Coincidentally a (Facebook) friend of mine (I haven't seen in 10 years) with 2 kids posted this article recently. She commented that she loves her kids, but she never should have had them.
Thanks guys. I get the feeling from reading more forum posts that a lot of people who size down wear them lower than intended.
I just want them for training to protect my knees I measure 39cm which would be large, but I see plenty of people recommending sizing down.
Okay I feel like an asshole now, my downstairs neighbor has ~12 foot ceilings and can't get to the smoke detector to change the battery, so he needs the landlord to come with a ladder. Still. BEEP
Do you guys size down for Rehbands?
I didn't get anything like that. Member since: Oct 16, 1998 Of course I have 68 feedback over almost 16 years, so...
My neighbor may be deaf, considering the volume at which he likes to listen to his TV. (Actually I should say "liked," because I am fairly sure he stopped paying his cable bill, which is why my free cable stopped working.)
I don't understand how my downstairs neighbor's smoke alarm battery dies so frequently. Then, of course, he doesn't change it for days, and I have to bitch to the landlord* because the beeping is so god damned annoying. * Yes, I did talk to my neighbor about it first.
"Slamming the weights" when deadlifting.
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