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It feels like lifting after you pulled an all nighter.
Oh yeah, before I got distracted, I was going to post that I am bummed the new microbrewery 3 blocks from my apartment just tapped a keg of Mikkeller, and I'm not around to get some.
Shit, this is like 60 miles from where I am this summer. Too bad my wife doesn't like beer.
Man, what a piece of shit. Sorry. Speedy recovery, and I hope the bastard who hit you gets what is coming to him.
TFW it's so damned hot the chalk dissolves on your hands. TFW you misload your deadlift and waste a session of LP. (I need to keep a paper notebook so I don't screw up like this again.)
Thanks. Coming from central NH.
Any advice on "planning it right"?
Thanks. I'm not into playing the rare/dusty game (yet), but the tastings sound like a good reason to check it out when I'm in the area.
Re: Party Source. I drive through Cincinnati all the time. Worth a short detour?
Is it worth making a 3 1/2+ hour round trip to pick up some Heady Topper?
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