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The dolce saga continues. The seller is expecting me to pay return shipping saying, "yeah we know the image is wrong but it was in the description!" I'm sure that will fly with Amazon customer service.
Maybe it's just for looks, then. It's also on the Icecutter boots. The welt does wrap around vertically over the upper. It's not just an extra row of stitching.
45 last vs. 23 last? AFAIK the 1907 is the only boot on the 45 last that's not limited edition.
I have a pair of Women's Jordans to sell (big enough for men w/ small feet). Where can I get the best price? Grailed? eBay?
It's a Norwegian welt, and on the 1907, it appears functional (waterproofing).
875 or 1907? Can't decide.
Nope, but I know the new concertmaster of his orchestra. (Or at least what I think is his orchestra based on a few minutes of stalking. Maybe it's not his orchestra, but definitely know the new concertmaster of an orchestra mentioned in one of his posts.)
I drank a Jalapeno Kumquat beer (firkin?) from a respectable brewery that straight up tasted like the juice from a can of Go Goya pickled jalapenos cut with a few tablespoons of Miller Light. I Got What I Deserved for asking for the most hipster thing on the menu.
Do you sell cunnies at the chilli chack? I have to assume if you have award winning Cincinnati Style Chilli you also sell cunnies.
It's just that the classical music world is very small (2 degrees of separation) and Google is very powerful if you know how to use it.
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