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$15 doesn't sound unreasonable especially if it's a re-hem rather than hemming unfinished pants.
Got yelled at for slamming weights again today. Wasn't even slamming them. Sounds like there is a supervisor that everybody hates because the guy who came up to me was very sympathetic. She doesn't even lift. It's like a highway patrol officer without a driver's license. Also failed my bench and deadlift, and I'm on a fucking reset on deadlifts. God dammit. In good news, I finally hit 315x5x3 after restarting Starting Strength in late June. I originally ran SS from...
Fucking New York taking out state tax for non-residents. Now I have to file another state tax return next year to get back $50, and either I have to do it myself or get back basically nothing.
I only bitch about work on styleforvm.Note: I'm not a doctor, banker, lawyer, or consultant.
I shipped a return on the 9th. Tracking was last updated on the 13th. I'm guessing that it was delivered and not scanned. Hopefully I am not screwed out of my money here. It was obviously shipped. EDIT: So the item is showing as "picked up and processed by agent" which apparently means that the seller needs to go pick up the item from the returns agent. Does anyone have any idea if this is true?
Has anyone tried Levi's 541, and if so do they really have more room in the seat/thigh than 514s?
Never bought any, but don't they only sell direct? They have some sort of referral program though where people get personal codes. If you look at their forums you can find out more about it.
I need to get one of these. Damn.
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