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p.s. If you're a smoker, quit now. That shit catches up to you. My wife's grandfather quit 20-25 years ago and died of lung cancer. Leonard Nimoy quit 30 years ago and died of COPD. I can think of at least a dozen people of my dad's generation that died prematurely due to smoking-related diseases. Sorry to get preachy. I smoked for a few years, and it's so stupid considering I knew the consequences. I know smokers are super defensive so I'm sure this pisses you off. Maybe...
I rented a U-Haul today and didn't have to refill the tank since there was actually more gas in it than they recorded. Plus, I estimated the mileage exactly down to the tenth.
Shitty week. 2 deaths in my wife's family back-to-back, and she's away for work, so I'm not even there with her.
I'm enjoying a nice glass of expensive vinegar right now. The damn Vacu Vin corks don't do anything if you're too lazy to use the pump. (First world problems.)
Whoever it was on here that mentioned Cook-Out, I owe you my unending gratitude.
One of my wife's best friends just sent her a text that he "started a new skin care business and can't wait to tell her about it!" Fucking MLM predatory motherfuckers.
When do the corporate sales usually happen?
Getting sick of indie movies with inconclusive, unsatisfying endings.
I actually had a coworker who insisted that you were supposed to drive in the left lane because that's what her daddy taught her. Everyone else in the office tried to convince her she was wrong, but she was stubborn about it.
1 is obviously the best. I love 3. (That's the one with Sam Jackson, right?) I don't remember 2, and I'm sure I haven't seen 4 and 5.
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