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I tried to convince my wife that we should procure some cocaine and binge watch all 270 episodes of Cheers. She didn't go for it. We'd only have to stay up for a little over 4 1/2 days... it's not that bad.
This drives me nuts, too. I booked a lunch reservation at a Manhattan restaurant and they did this. There were only 3-4 other tables in the place when we were there. Probably 25 empty tables. I get it... if the place is totally booked, you want to minimize no-shows, but I wish the restaurants would use some common sense.
Just watched my deadlift video from today. Dude in the background half-rep curling in the squat rack gives me a dirty look. I assume it's because I'm not setting the weight down gently.
I use Body Fortress because it's cheap, but with that ratio it will probably be too sweet. I use 2 servings by weight (70-something grams) and it's fine. Before I got my scale and just used the scoop, 2 scoops was too sweet.
My wife thought I saw the movie before because I said "rocket ship" during that scene. But really I was racking my brain to try to figure out what I'd say in that situation. She didn't believe I'd actually figured that out on my own. I felt very proud of myself at this moment, like a small child.
I know there's been discussion of the white vest w/ black tie. I am watching The Maltese Falcon, and Peter Lorre's character wears a good example:
Random thought: My wife put on "Death to Smoochy" last week after the Robin Williams news, and Ed Norton's character makes a reference to gluten free buns. The movie came out in 2002. It was way ahead of its time. (I wonder how many viewers in 2002 actually knew what gluten is.)
Isn't it pronounced like "chip-pottle"?You know what pisses me off... I used to make fun of yinzers (Pittsburghers) who say "slippy" instead of "slippery." Now what started as a joke has seeped into my vocabulary for real. And I hate it.
Just discovered a serious leak in the ceiling of a closet in my apartment that destroyed almost $1000 worth of books and papers. Luckily most of it is still in print, but there are some loose papers I'm going to have to dry out and xerox. Now I have the fun of dealing with the insurance company.
TIL there are kettlebell competitions.
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