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Talking about spending money, I've dropped so much money on hiking gear for the wife and I these past few weeks. $120-150 for shoes, $150 for a day pack and bladder, $20x2 for decent socks, miscellaneous stuff like first aid kit, plus I still need to get some clothes for longer hikes. I can't believe how expensive the Gore Tex stuff is. Half the stuff I need to get is in the "don't die if something bad happens" category. Like I don't plan to hike in the rain, but don't...
I would totally go up to that guy after I finished my work sets and tell him I've got the bar all ready for him to warm up.Really I wouldn't do that, but I'd want to. The closest I've come is when a guy asked to work in with me. I start my warmups with the bar, and the guy told me he'd just "do whatever I did." By the time I got to my work sets, he was struggling to quarter squat sets of 3 to my 5s to depth. That may be the only day of my life I've actually felt strong.
Hiking for the first time in like 15 years after a heavy squat workout was not the best idea. My legs are jelly.
Yeah you are definitely catching too low and not getting your elbows high enough. Are you trying to rack in your hands? You should let the bar roll into your fingers and rack on your delts. There should be air under the middle of the bar (it shouldn't be touching your clavicles or sternum).
It feels like lifting after you pulled an all nighter.
Oh yeah, before I got distracted, I was going to post that I am bummed the new microbrewery 3 blocks from my apartment just tapped a keg of Mikkeller, and I'm not around to get some.
Shit, this is like 60 miles from where I am this summer. Too bad my wife doesn't like beer.
Man, what a piece of shit. Sorry. Speedy recovery, and I hope the bastard who hit you gets what is coming to him.
TFW it's so damned hot the chalk dissolves on your hands. TFW you misload your deadlift and waste a session of LP. (I need to keep a paper notebook so I don't screw up like this again.)
Thanks. Coming from central NH.
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