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I've definitely noticed low back pain when I go overboard with the lordotic arch.The article title is click bait. Right at the beginning he says, "I'm a fan of a slight arch."
Feels good purging almost all my size medium shirts. Hopefully I'll never fit a medium again at least until I'm retired.
Had my first Mikkeller tonight. Not Just Another Wit. Lived up to the hype, IMO. Strong but not at all boozy. Smelled almost like cream soda.
And the only one who actually looks half decent in the suit is, not coincidentally, the only non-manlet.
"Fatties who want to get in on the trailing edge of the slim-fit trend, do we have the suit for you!"
From my experience, clavicle bruising means you are not getting your elbows up fast enough and/or high enough. Getting your elbows around pushes your delts up, and your delts should take all or most of the weight; very little weight should be on your chest. (There should/could even be air under the bar in the middle over your chest as in these photos.)
5'10" for me, then.
If the only reason you can't clean is because you can't rack it due to anthropomorphy (long forearms), you should still be able to snatch. Whether or not you should (or want to) is a different question.
The standard substitute if you really can't rack the clean is the power snatch, if you want to stick as closely to the SS program as possible.
New Posts  All Forums: