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This is good, right? "Thanks for consistently delivering exceptional service to your buyers. We're here to provide you a marketplace where you can sell with confidence. That's why we've taken the following steps during the past month to protect your account: Upgraded 1 of your detailed seller rating(s) to five stars" Haven't sold anything in a while, so I got a little spooked by the e-mail subject "We've protected your selling account".
Eating ramen for dinner, drinking High Life, eating Nutella out of the jar for dessert, and watching Bad Grandpa on Netflix. These are the things I do when my wife is out of town. I Am An Adult.
It's just the circlejerk. The guy is scared to bulk because AESTHETICS BRO and anyone who says that is downvoted.
Adjusted my side view mirrors like this today. No more blind spot.
fittit is the worst. Scrawny dude gains 10 pounds in 4 months from 142-152 (can't lose dem aesthetics, amirite?), squats 160 (POUNDS!), deadlifts 145, benches 120, and people are telling him he made GREAT PROGRESS FOR 4 MONTHS!
I'm close to giving up on it. I'm happy with my squat and OK with my deadlift. I just don't want to give up until I can bench more than just baby weight. I also need to lose 15-20 lbs, but it's not easy to do that when you're constantly traveling, either. I knew a guy who traveled everywhere with a microwave and cooler full of pre-prepared meals. I don't know if I have that kind of dedication.
20 quid that lamp ends up getting thrown at you.You're on the drugs, though. You need to be saved.I travel a lot, and it kills my energy. I just tried to train the morning after a big travel day (I got in my car at 9am and was working until after 10pm), and it was awful. I'm getting near the end of novice LP so it's getting very difficult to recover. I feel like an RPE-based program might be good for this situation. I can't imagine doing something like Texas Method.
Shit is serious. A good friend of mine dated someone with BPD. They essentially turn from loving you to hating you on a dime for no apparent reason. When they hate you, it gets bad, like throwing shit at you, physical violence, emotional manipulation, screaming matches, etc. Maybe the medication controls it, but if it were me I'd stay far away... don't care how hot she is.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline_personality_disorder#Interpersonal_relationships
To give you a real answer:Everyone I know that got married before the age of 25, with the exception of one Mormon couple, is now divorced. 5+ marriages. A few with kids. Some of these people were super smug about starting families and having kids young (not being an "old mom"). In this day and age, most people are not yet fully formed, mature adults until their late 20s.
That's how it always happens to me. My last speeding ticket was on the way back from picking up a rental van. I realized "oh shit I'm going too fast," next thing you know there are flashing lights behind me.
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