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You're almost there, man. If your son is anything like me, you only have about 20 more years to go until he becomes fully independent. You can do it!
(Never mind. Google is my friend.)
I'm wondering what would happen if a black off-duty police officer got shot by another officer ("he had a gun! how was I supposed to know he was a police officer?")
I thought I got over my cold 4 days ago, but I have been stuck in state of congestion since then.
Not srs, but I did learn something...
Cucci = Brunello Cucinelli diffusion line, right?
Carry them in the pocket of your raw denim jeans so you get sick brass knuckle fadez. Everyone will fear you.
Keep plugging, man. Getting that far into the process and getting rejected is so much worse than getting booted early. It feels like a bad breakup.
It happened. "Shakeology. It changed my life!" (... for the past 2 months, at least.)
New Posts  All Forums: