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Trump is a Dem/Clinton operative. He was propped up through the Republican primaries in order to stop the rise of Bernie Sanders. Imagine if someone reasonable like Kasich got the nom. Hillary would lose big. (The hole in my brilliant theory is that Bernie would get spanked by Kasich, too.)
Why do you hate America?
Pew poll today said 90% of people who consistently backed Bernie in the primaries intend to vote for Clinton. That explains picking Kaine over Warren. If the poll is right, Bernie or Bust crowd is a vocal minority.
dat cheap gas doe
It's so impractical, it will never happen, and I'm sure the party (if not Donald) know this. It's just chum to throw to the base.
It's fun to speculate, though. If Hills wins FL+VA+WI, Trump needs PA,OH,NC,CO,IA,NV, plus NM or NH. Considering that WI & VA are her strongest battlegrounds, the key is FL, which might explain the DWS gambit.If she wins FL + VA + PA/OH, it will be an early night.
They don't need progressives to win though. Win VA and Florida and it's essentially over (those plus CO get Hillary to 268. Trump would need every other swing state.) Kaine helps with both (home state in VA and Hispanics in Florida).
Do you actually remember anything past the post you're replying to?Do you remember typing that?
There is no point in getting tangled up in the details because grand jury proceedings are secret. It's a distraction from the real issue, which is the prosecutor covering his ass by taking the case to grand jury, knowing the proceedings are secret, so there's no public record of how hard he fought for an indictment. There is no accountability to the public here. No checks and balances. The person who was supposed to be representing the victims' interest probably did not,...
EVERYONE else. NOBODY read past the first section.Ironically, you're using the same line of attack that the prosecutors (allegedly) did.It's a Trojan horse. We'll let you get your own advocates, only to discredit them as biased because you hired them.
New Posts  All Forums: