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I'm not, either, but giving the writers the benefit of the doubt that they might pay off somehow.
About to order a belt. Can't decide what color to get.
I am one of the few Jimmy-haters. Never liked the acting from the very beginning.
Does anyone have a good recipe for whey pancakes?
Yes it is. I thought I didn't like mustard until like 2 years ago. Turns out I just don't like yellow mustard.
Hold up. This stuff is definitely not in the Provel category. That is unfair.
Thanks, this was my line of thought. If that person really wants the item, they can send a more reasonable offer.
The Greatest.
Any advice on declining vs. countering lowball offers? I'm tempted to just decline with a message like, "sorry, this is much too low," with the hopes of possibly goading the buyer into making a reasonable offer (rather than countering and making him think I'm willing to meet in the middle). It's a lot of 5 items. At this point I am tempted to just break them up and auction them individually. I wanted to save myself the hassle, but I'll probably make more.
New Posts  All Forums: