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On the buying side, my MacBook wasn't charging and said "service battery soon." I assumed it was only the battery, but the charger that I had bought on eBay about a month ago was also bad. The Genius (who actually seemed to know what she was doing) looked at it and said the middle prong was slightly different, so she thought it was fake. I bought a new genuine charger for Apple's ripoff price, and it worked fine. I compared to the eBay charger and noticed 3 small...
He has to leave the physical location, but take his place as the admin of weirwood.net. It's like the Matrix. He has to go somewhere else and connect to another node. The thing that kind of bothers me about this show is that they cut out a major plot line from the book, probably due to "people won't believe that a certain main character can come back from the dead and zombies are kind of corny and played out," yet look where we are ...
I don't know been looking for vintage Caballeros apparel in the thrifts but there ain't none.
I am local to the Cabs and also like the colors wine and gold.
Finished 2nd season of Better Call Saul. Damn good show. Hits on the same themes as Breaking Bad from a different angle.
I am shamelessly on the bandwagon of the Cleveland Caballeros.
I'm curious about the vintage of PRL ties with this content tag: 80s?
Guys I know we're all excited about vicuna, but I am even more excited thinking about how much sexy time this Mario Batali cookbook is going to lead to.
Can't compete with vicuña, but I had a good day volume-wise. Highlights: Skeety skeet skeet! And hat tip to @Fueco on the Paradise Found. Would have passed this up if not for the thread. Prepsy tradsy Anyone like tartan? The Mick in me was especially excited about the St. Patrick's. Cooking stuff. And the thrilling conclusion to the bizarro pricing saga...
I always get excited to see this handle... And it's not warped, like the last one I found!
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