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I love going to the gym only to find that someone is doing supersets using every piece of equipment I need. So here I am browsing the damned forum again.
Jason Bourne. Bad. No clear character motivations, yet still predictable. At least it was better than the Jeremy Renner one.
I sometimes wonder if sous vide will go the way of the electric rotisserie. I still want one. And an Instant Pot. I suck at meal timing, so having devices that give me some flexibility is nice.
Been in a bit of a funk the past two weeks (living apart from the wife is taking its toll), but I finally snapped out of it today. Had a great day in the gym (one of those days where you're double and triple checking your plate math because everything seems so easy), and tonight had the most fun I've had at work in a long time. Oh, and Kroger had Sculpin and a few DIPAs in the make-your-own-six-pack section again.
That showed up all on one line in the preview and I got real confused. A+A=2B+B=3C+C=6A+B+C=?
It was better than mine.
What are you going to do when the power and comm grids are attacked and your phone no longer works?What are you going to do when you're lost in the wilderness and need to start a fire? (Can also use the Vaseline for this purpose!)I'm surprised there's no paracord.EDIT: I just realized I glossed over VaderDave's post.
I'm probably going to switch to booze in the name of weight loss, even though I'm normally a beer guy. The problem is that I drink fast (not just alcohol), so the higher proof stuff can be a little dangerous.
Really great series that has unfortunately been largely forgotten since it hasn't been remastered in HD (thus not available streaming). (Holding out hope that HBO decides to do it for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 in 2019.) I've learned a lot more about the Apollo program since then, and the series has only gotten better. Great historical accuracy... they really went above and beyond to get everything right. I love how they turned seemingly boring/insignificant...
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