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So anyway, guys what should I do when I come off this layoff? I'm hovering around 20-23% bodyfat and want to get down to ~15%. I am thinking of running Greyskull LP on a slight caloric deficit/recomp diet. The other idea is to run pseudo-SS (with accessories, ditching power cleans) until I get my squat back to where it was, then switch.
Are there people who dispute that who have been lifting for more than 2-3 years?
I feel bad for the guy. He's barely old enough to buy booze and he's hobbling around with a cane like an old man. I've never seen him deadlift, so I don't know whether it was a form issue or he just got unlucky.
Guy I know herniated a disc deadlifting. I saw him today with a back brace and a cane. This is why I didn't work out without insurance. (That, and I was a little lazy.)
I loved living in NYC, except the cost of living. I'm a night owl, so I loved being able to roll out of my apartment at 11pm and still make a night of it.
Bros, now that I have health insurance, I need to get back on a program. I haven't worked out since January (Too worried to do anything without insurance. Also some laziness at play.) I have also made the realization that I am fatter than I thought, probably still in the low-mid 20%s even though I got down from 205+ to 185. (skinnyfat DYEL etc.) Not sure what strategy to take. I'm leaning towards re-starting some sort of LP (prob. Greyskull or SS with more accessory work)...
7:30 hours on the phone yesterday. 1:45 today. Had to yell at the "specialist" to get me to put her through to her supervisor.... but I finally fixed my damned health insurance issue. We've put in at least 15 and probably more like 20 combined hours on the phone dealing with this. Still can't login to my account, even though I am getting email notices.
I already applied. I need to add my wife to my plan and (hopefully) switch my plan. Regardless, both my wife and I tried the online application multiple times. I'd get to the end of the application, submit, and I never got to the point where I could choose a plan. It would still say "in progress" and never get to "completed."
Just passed hour 4 today. Got dropped after 2:15 on hold the last call.
I have the Healthcare marketplace hold music memorized. I think I have spent 4+ hours on hold in just the past 2 days.
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