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Getting sick of indie movies with inconclusive, unsatisfying endings.
I actually had a coworker who insisted that you were supposed to drive in the left lane because that's what her daddy taught her. Everyone else in the office tried to convince her she was wrong, but she was stubborn about it.
1 is obviously the best. I love 3. (That's the one with Sam Jackson, right?) I don't remember 2, and I'm sure I haven't seen 4 and 5.
I wonder how they'd feel about this little guy...
Steel wooled the fuck out of my baking steel yesterday and re-seasoned it. Second layer of seasoning going on right now. Considering putting on a third layer. This fucker better not rust again. There was even rust on the underside where I know I did not spill anything.
Seems like mobile is becoming the primary design paradigm now, and the desktop sites are built out from the mobile sites.
I've been living on the edge for years (so extreme), but since my laptop is flaking out, I finally got a backup drive. AppleCare is still good for a few more months, so hopefully I can get everything taken care of.
The Sopranos had the whole cringeworthy gay Vito subplot.
TV cabinet.
I started off with Neapolitan style, so tomatoes, mozzarella, cured meats, kale, arugula, pine nuts... whatever I have lying around. New thing pissing me off: Trying to give away a piece of furniture on Craigslist. I got at least 20 replies. Decided to offer it to the people who emailed me twice (assuming they really wanted it). Already had 3 flakes. I would just put it out on the curb at this point, but it's going to snow.
New Posts  All Forums: