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Expanding on LA Guy's suggestions: seersucker would go great, blue/white linen, madras. I would stick with primarily blue, and possibly green.
I finally bit the bullet a few months ago. I started with a #1 (1/8"), and went down to a #0 (1/16") when I lost the #1 guard. You can always go shorter, but it doesn't take long for mistakes to grow out at that length. Make sure you shave the back of your neck and upper back if needed, too.
Ripped from the pages of Apparel Arts. Excellent.
A lot can happen between and and October, when a new PM steps through door number 10. Cameron has said that he won't issue the official Article 50 notice, and will leave to his successor. That will probably cause the markets to tank again. The gun may be loaded, but someone still needs to pull the trigger.
@Butler, what's the height of that collar in your avatar?
Based on what I see here: Reyn Spooner, Paradise Found, Pataloha/Patagonia
@SpooPoker @Tyrone MacStiophain
Moving westward, Primanti's is the ultimate hangover food. In fact, that's the only time it's tolerable.
Not sure if you found this already, but https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/41014577_victor-vasarely-sidney-janis-exhibition-poster
Tag is for Suitsupply Suit Up, which was the name for their MTM line.
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