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Until every network sitcom includes at least ten minutes of hard core sodomy, I will consider America hopelessly backward.Fuck dudes, it is what it is. If you want non-stop reference to gay sex, come to Styleforum.
How to spot a witch...
The tie knots are awful.
More viral marketing for the re-launch of Arrested Development.
Here is the problem. I have never seen a Boss suit in a fabric I would wear, other than solids. All of their patterned cloth looks very very cheap.
I want to see the man that needs a size 13 elevator shoe.
I have 32gb and it is still slow.Every couple days I show up and check PMs and try and figure out whether anything exciting has been posted in B&S.Discussion was always browsed for fun, and the lag on the new system means it just isn't enjoyable anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beatlegeuse I used to buy CT all the time pre-SF, and I stopped because the shirts were extremely baggy on me. I started getting online budget MTM shirts that fit much better, however I don't think the fabric quality is as good as what I had on my old CT shirts. Now that I know my size and have dialed in each measurement after having all my MTM shirts made, I'm giving the CT tailored fit a try. I just bought CT...
How sold is this tie?
I recommend the matte patent leather shoes.
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