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Looking to pick up some RRL cardigans but i'm not sure if i'm an XS or S. Does anyone have the sizes of the merino/wool shawl collar one? I usually wear shirts that are 18.75" to 19" p2p if that helps tshirts probably 18" p2p
I have a black ToJ peacoat in size 44 with 25" sleeves, pretty much brand new Wish to trade for a size 46 peacoat in black or navy
Pants for sale Shipping from Australia, should be around +$15 for international shipping to the US, $8 to AUS These prices do not include shipping Naked and Famous Weird Guy Selvedge Chino Size 28 $100 $70 Worn ~5 times, no fadings Waist 15" Rise 10" Thigh 11.25" Knee 7.75" Leg 6.8" Inseam 34.5" Naked and Famous Skinny Guy Broken Twill Indigo Size 29 $85 $65 Worn ~6 times, extremely minimal fading, soaked once before wearing Waist 15.5" Rise 9.5" Thigh 10.75" Knee...
Haha +1 on the above I'll be getting some new items so send mine then Unless mine is already in the mail XD
Just received my order from the black friday sales! Shipping was to Australia so I'm used to the wait Got a XS BD multiplaid that fits perfectly and a XS BD peach oxford that fits great on the sides, but the sleeves are shorter I'm guessing that's the design right? i can still wear them rolled up though Will certainly buy more in the future
I'd take them off you. I'm a size 41 in CPs Can't get the sale cause i'm in Australia -_-
what colour shirts/tshirts go well with the selvedge ducks?
Anyone from Australia manage to get a pair of alphas without using a proxy (and at a decent price) or does anyone know of any websites that ship internationally? Dockers don't ship internationally, neither do macys for that product, or amazon...
How long does the sale last? Waiting for next paycheck....
Noob questionWill these stretch?
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