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The bottom of the casual LS shirt should be about even with the ends of the sleeves. Most of them come that way normally. If you alter it shorter, it will look weird and out of proportion. The pic is a good example.
Quote: Originally Posted by john johnson Shit, Path doesn't go all the way to Metropark. No, but NJ Transit does and direct to NY Penn from there.
Switch to an electric and keep it clean and sharp.
I agree with the guys who say keep it simple and stay away from the abrasive and irritating stuff. Use a gentle antibacterial bar a couple times a day, some salicylic acid, and a light moisturizer (none of these have to be high end brands, either) and eat well, and that should help.
Can't tell if they're too tight... but they're too long.
Quote: Originally Posted by malat If you can catch them during a sale, their 1MX shirts are great "party" shirts. The slim fit is pretty well cut, and at 5 for $100, they are hard to beat if you're looking for modern shirts that you can trash on the weekends. Totally agree too. I recently got a couple of the 100% cotton 2MX military style shirts on sale. They have more of a fitted cut to them than any other mall brand I've seen and people have...
I went into Uniqlo and found it very un-inspiring. I did get to play some free Galaga though, which was nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Handonam btw, anyone have any pictures of their old beat up 514s now? This thread is years old now haha. i'm curious to see the one i linked earlier After awhile they pretty much look like the pre-faded versions you see in the discount stores, except the wear patterns match up right and you can see key and wallet outlines. But, I try to keep jeans like this as dark and dressy as possible for as long as...
As others have mentioned, you look fine. But for critique.... you're caught in limbo between more dressed and casual. Pick a direction and go with it. If you want casual, untuck that shirt and swap the shiny dress shoes for something like canvas sneakers or suedes. If you want more dressy, go with darker jeans. In either case I'd find a cool button-up, but I'm not a fan of polos in general.
Quote: Originally Posted by justin_o88 Well it's $1000 for the best makeover I can get. Don't do it all at once. Because here's the problem--- You only know that you want to try something new and different from what you're used to. But you don't know exactly what your new favorite style is going to be. If you go drop $1k in 2-3 weeks on new stuff, you're gonna end up with a bunch of stuff in there that you don't like style or fit-wise...
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