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I'm around but I have a short lower body. A good inseam for me is around 27-28 inches. I usually buy them at 30 or 29 if I can find them. Being a short guy makes it hard to find good fitting clothes.
When it comes to hemming chino's is 1-2 inches an acceptable amount. Also, is 12 dollars a good price to do the alterations?
The shower it's self is quick. Shampoo, Condition and use a body wash. I also wash my face in the shower. It makes shaving easier. 2 days a week in place of my face wash I use an exfoliator. I recommend every man jack products. They have done wonders for me and their cheap like 5 bucks a product. I think the most important thing a man can do is know how to shave the correct way. Use a wet shaving kit I have used art of shaving and it is amazing. Smooth every time with no...
I don't see how a "frat boy" dresses bad. At my school during the warmer months a pocket T, short flat front shorts and Sperry's are the normal thing. In the Fall the button downs, chinos and duck boots come into play. This is biased because I'm part of a fraternity but then again I do own 2 great fitting suits and a traditional navy blue blazer. I would say I differ in neck wear though as I tend to rock the bow tie more often. I just don't understand how the "Frat boy"...
I would suggest a small. But they are pricey. Overpriced if not found on sell. I would really consider trying one on.
You honestly could wear a small. It really depends on your built. I'm 175 pounds and I can almost fit into a small. The chest is just a little snug. I would try to find a store that carries them and try them on.
Medium, usually a medium is a 15-15 1/2 inch neck. These shirts are not custom made to fit. Actually, they are quite baggy. Arm will more than likely be 33-34 in length. And with that small waist of yours the shirt will not fit snug. But if your looking to wear a tie with it you need a medium to fit your neck size.
I have always wore my Nantucket Red Chinos with a brown belt and a brown pair of either penny loafers or brown sperry top-sliders. Am I matching them correctly?
Cuff shorts? I have never really heard of that before.
I would like to at least bump down to 7 inch inseams. I'm only 5'7. 9 inch actually falls on my knee. I would like to be an inch or 2 above.
New Posts  All Forums: