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Quote: Originally Posted by Hollywars Hint, if you see people in real life wearing it or you can buy it at the mall, it's probably not as cool as you think it is. I pick all my stuff very carefully from eBay or small boutique shops anyway ok i will not post here any more
Quote: Originally Posted by East2West They may not present a problem to you, but this is not an aesthetic which is pursued here. In fact those jeans are the antithesis to SF aesthetics. Brands and labeling aside, they are ugly. Keep in mind that some people will give someone a compliment not because they love the item, but because they notice them and don't know what else to say. "nice jeans" can also mean "I noticed your flashy, affected...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man I like the fit. It looks great on you, but what is up with the face expression? You are NOT going to praised here just because you wear designer clothes. Here, it is about fit, so you can cheap clothes, but you would get compliments if they fit nicely on you. Jeans with holes are definitely a no no here. lol You can't tell on none of my clothes if they are brands or not, as you can see, I removed the...
A&F DIesel Gucci
Thanks for your comments haha yes, I just got back from Amsterdam so I gotta pick only 3 of them These photos founded on the internet, The Prada's price here is about 350$/240e. I don't know about the Gucci though
Hi new here What do you think about these? I need to choose THREE pairs out of the five: My shoes size is 42.5/9.5 1 2 3 4 & 5 (Black/Brown)
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