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lol dont panic guys. i left the message field empty/wrote something random, just tell charly via email what you want and where you want it to be shipped.
there was a BIN button but it disappeared when i logged in. sigh w/e, didnt really need another leather anyway.
ugh i just bid the £399 BIN but got automatically outbid ?
oh man. at first i chuckled a bit at this, then clicked next page and saw this... [[SPOILER]] and completely lost it
its a great deal for us euros. would have kopped both myself but need 44 in CP and M in the jacket
sz42 black/vintage CP bball hi's 50% off http://caliroots.com/c-store/product.asp?id=44222 sz S arcteryx veilance field jacket ~70% off http://caliroots.com/c-store/product.asp?id=46404
these? ive been using mine for 5months mainly for lounging in my apartment. the fabric is starting to show signs of wear and recently noticed a hole near the back-pocket(stitching below the waistband).they are super comfortable though.
not fan of the stitching and paneling on the lows
handled several givenchy, dior, slp etc. leathers in NYC and was quite underwhelmed by them all. only belstaff shearling(this one i think www.mrporter.com/product/373912) @barneys blew my mind. shit was absolutely amazing.
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