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@impolyt_one please give us wallet measurements so i know how much $$$ to send?!?
looks like pocket tees are back on the uk site
nice and you got it for free. i paid €1,5k for this shit
ive been running to all kinds of problems with my 2month old 13" (ME865K/A).. took it to maintenance but it apparently passed all the hardware tests etc. just fine.
too much going on imo
measurements for wallets? in for a backpack and wallet
so i guess i shouldnt have opened this thread while eating breakfast...
the monkeys in the trees hostel. going to the fulham - everton game on sunday but dont have anything else planned. odds are that we are hitting the pubs and clubs every night.
will be in london wednesday - monday. what should i pack? im thinking toj + 2ocbds + hoodie + 2x jeans + 2x sneaks + enough underwear and just pray it doesnt rain while im there.
jil cashmere coat sz 48 dries jacket sz 48 helmut leather sz...
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