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received the white sidezips. very happy with them, now im thinking about ordering the black sidezips and navy blazer.
you're just mad cuz you cant grow facial hair and therefore have to work corporate jobs
anyone tried on the painted jeans, how tapered are they? post a fit pic if you have one.
can i order one already
wish they had an extra inch lenght
nah, not a fan of shirts that cover your crotch completely edit: im assuming you're talking about the shirt and not the shoes
dont have access to club monaco, see my location. i could proxy uniqlo but havent heard much good of their ocbds + they dont have contrast buttons.
want to kop few ocbds. under $70/shirt please. preferably black and grey with contrast buttons and maybe a chambray one. where to look?
drew did you handle the sidezips? thoughts on quality?
finnish h&m was down for 5mins before the collection launched but has worked fine since then. kopped white sidezips
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