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-23c my uniform for the next 3months beanie & scarf hipster x mom jacket farah vintage jeans uniqlo boots wh x dayton no vis heattech on heattech and sweaters on sweaters
yes. started immediately after i tried the site on my mobile
shit it has riri zips too! this is nice
where did you order?
30% off luisaviaroma winter collection with code FINAL3012
RO sizing gone wrong (from SZ) [[SPOILER]]
you guys gonna add protection or something to the sole? im a compelete noob with boots.
have a blacked out 2010dr. some of the paint has started to come off the zippers, doesn't differ that much from gunmetal
thanks sexonfabric my third pair of footwear this month, still might buy the hm x mmm black sidezips
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