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wtf are those and why did they make laces out of ear phones
WINTERSALE on LVR to get 30% off full priced items from all the Winter 2012 Collections. might be account linked
http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG9731615/Men-in-tights-how-meggings-are-taking-fashion-by-storm.html# lol
dont think so, that was during the summer sale. i remember thinking about kopping a pair at 50% off eventho i have nothing to wear those with. now i regret passing
hey sexonfabric looks like you forgot to take a bag of coke out of the rafstros pocket. thanks [[SPOILER]]
use the sarcasm meter god dammit
got 50€ credit on mr porter and the international sale should start soon. it looks quite nice in the fit-pics but wont kop then. hows this oliver spencer?
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