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you should sell it to me.
i know, only use them when its pouring outside. not sure why i included them in the pic.
parted ways with my toj dr as i felt it was a size too big. now im on the hunt for a new leather. thinking about a rick highneck in dust/cream or some sort of red toj. think a rick would work better as my neck is quite long which is the reason i always wore a scarf with my toj. i pretty much only wear black/grey/white/dark blue denim. here is a pic of my footwear on a very ugly carpet. HELP!
escentual.com sale is on. everything is at least 20% off.
fuck ive seen .gif waywts and video waywts but live stream waywt is next level
my facebook friends are making doomsday jokes like there's no tomorrow
help me find this in size48
finn check out caliroots bunch of premium lunars etc for sale
got my filippa k ocbds from the corner sale. 41€/shirt, sized down one. fabric is great and the fit is pretty much perfect, def gonna buy more of these if i can find them for under 60€/shirt. so happy
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