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is red or whiskey lamb available for qdr/4zip mdr? emailed 5hrs ago but want to get my order in before i go to bed.
grow a beard and you'll look like jwied
blah that sandro quilted varsity is the only outerwear piece on the site i want and its new season item
watch geordie shore
i remember drew posting a long time ago about which jacket goes best with which neck type but cant find it. [[SPOILER]]
i asked about leather jackets not rainboots tyvm.
you should sell it to me.
i know, only use them when its pouring outside. not sure why i included them in the pic.
parted ways with my toj dr as i felt it was a size too big. now im on the hunt for a new leather. thinking about a rick highneck in dust/cream or some sort of red toj. think a rick would work better as my neck is quite long which is the reason i always wore a scarf with my toj. i pretty much only wear black/grey/white/dark blue denim. here is a pic of my footwear on a very ugly carpet. HELP!
escentual.com sale is on. everything is at least 20% off.
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