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price was too good, i hope the sleeves aren't as annoying as i think they might be
Ok, yeah I got the same. I read here that they are really slow to update their stock so some items may be gone eventhough the site says they're still in stock.I thought you already got the tracking# since you posted here.
how long did it take for you to get order confirmation? i ordered something yesterday from ln-cc and my order status is still 'in progress'.
Thanks. Should be fine so I can comfortably wear it over a sweater etc. I checked my measurements like 10times and went by Charlys suggestions(except I took 0.3'' off front length).Freaking out after 4 weeks of waiting
got 5.5'' cuffs on my qmdr, hope they dont come out like this as i got ridiculous thin wrists(~6.5'')
true but the fits and brands are usually poor too. TOGs glorious brands deserve a full body shot.
ln-cc 80% off
nice, would've been better with silverzips though when did you order?
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