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god damn i need a haircut badly. love this cut but not sure if it will suit my head shape + i have a stupid whirl thingy where the parting ends. (pic from sufu) [[SPOILER]]
lol just realized i didnt send my shipping info to toj when i ordered. that should increase the chance of getting tracking sometime soon.
hands down your best fit ever
hows the fit on my hmXmmm blazer? too big? sorry about crappy photos & dirty mirror. [[SPOILER]] dat devoa
did you steal aethers jeans?
Pretty sure i just enabled reedo to buy another jacket that you guys can give him shit for
yeah p2p and length are spot on.
oh my god this is amazing. sleeves are quite long but i think they will settle in time. [[SPOILER]]
ln-cc has measurements(i hope they're right). i went TTS and got M, i am 6ft with ~36.5'' chest. my jacket should arrive tomorrow.
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