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nice, would've been better with silverzips though when did you order?
mehh, barely anything there. hope they add more stuff soon.how are those MTWTFSS' tees?
fuck yes
its the angle
http://www.ln-cc.com/invt/ind0110003bdx will i fit in size 2? 92cm chest and 183cm tall.
hows the quality and fit on chambray shirts?
i was not aware of this multiplier thing, got 20,3'' p2p on my qmdr and my chest measures 92cm. oh well guess i'll do some pushups while i wait.
different countries have different laws. we have to pay 24% VAT + 12% customs for clothing bought outside EEA
i'd like to know this aswell.the waist on my 32x34 black t000s measures 91cm and whites in same size 86cm, i bought them ~11months ago. is this still the case?
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