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30% off LN-CC with code PR30ROW (excl. rick, lanvin and jil sander)
looks good but def hem the pants. how much was it?
i think that might have something to do with it being really really ugly
can we make sw&d only open to male members? afaik we only have one active woman posting here and i doubt anyone would miss her. her presence also terrifies me.
meh, rollerblades are safe compared to roller skis. i had to use those in the summer, eventhough i didnt want to, when i competed in cross-country skiing. i managed to avoid highspeed crashes but some of my friends weren't as lucky.
obviously these [[SPOILER]]
are you chet from the challenge?
etsy ?
i need 28,5cm insole aka EU44.5, no clue about quality or sizing. thx but shipping them here would probably cost more than the shoes.
3. been looking for those in white for forever
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