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heh, this is exactly what i usually do. im tempted to get it super short on the sides because it looks cool when it connects to beard.
so this just appeared in my facebook
so i need a haircut badly.this is me: [[SPOILER]] this is the cut i really want(pic taken from SuFu). can anyone tell me if it would work with my head shape? i have a stupid whirl thing at the back of my head where the parting ends. [[SPOILER]]
woohoo i was still able to change from silver zips to gold
fashun is pain
god damn i need a haircut badly. love this cut but not sure if it will suit my head shape + i have a stupid whirl thingy where the parting ends. (pic from sufu) [[SPOILER]]
lol just realized i didnt send my shipping info to toj when i ordered. that should increase the chance of getting tracking sometime soon.
hands down your best fit ever
hows the fit on my hmXmmm blazer? too big? sorry about crappy photos & dirty mirror. [[SPOILER]]
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