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re kouros: first time i wore it around my friends, on a hot and humid evening, one of them said "dude why did you put mosquito spray on, you know we're going out not camping" havent touched the bottle since
yes, i love rocky mountain wood. have ocean wet wood sample coming next week.
you should do something to that hair
our legacy at caliroots, they're 199€ but whatever
if anyone is looking for a great vetiver scent for spring/summer check out dsquared2 he wood rocky mountain wood, that juice is amazing /fragtalk
there was a sz50 on b&s???
meh nevermind, 12cm x 9cm is too big. thanks anyway.
where to kop
i wish i could grow a cool beard. i have this same cycle every ~two months when i try to grow a beard for a week or two. i then look at myself in the mirror and realize that it looks like i have pubic hair on my face and give up. i guess im forced to rock the 5 o'clock shadow for the rest of my life.
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