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thecorner has 10% off s/s and free express shipping KVA, Jil, MMM, DVN, D&G and blumarine excluded code: MOOD4SPRING expires 31st
why no anti-perspirant? i started using that + edp a year ago, barely get pit-stains anymore and have never smelled better.
and more importantly when did you order?
about to kop some runks from ioffer... i assume ill get shoes that look like somewhat like the real thing and maybe even hold up for some time if i kop from ~5* rated seller?
go home styleforumrobot, you're drunk
good posts from the lifestyle -> health & body section of this forum
had to go and kop [[SPOILER]]
hello spring. boots are messing up my stacks.
standard salmiakki fishmerkkaripantteri black shotliquorice pipefazer salmiakki chocolatesalmiakki vodkaliquorice vodka
New Posts  All Forums: