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polo ralph lauren belts $16-$17, posted over at sd: actually, broader sale here, looks good:*b0&utm_medium=PPkX79_c.b0-xvtigqft2SsmA5Y7OL83Zw&eESource=LINK_AD:Z:POLO:PPkX79/c*b0
I was in the soho store, wanted to get a pair for my wife, terrible size selection in store (and they know it). Has anyone ordered from nungar or bootsonline lately?Looking at the bootsonline website, seems like the price increase hasn't hit their inventory yet?
we blindly buy 6 bottles to a case of Terres Dorées l'ancien vintage to vintage, delicious with roast chicken, easily mistaken for a bottle of burgundy. It's the closest thing we have to a "house wine". Worth trying the white as well. We like Coudert's clos de la roilette, the vendage tardive typically needs at least five years in the cellar, we have about 24 bottles in the cellar. George Descombe's 2014s were very pretty, I've also had Ducroux's Vin de France...
thanks, yes, they're new, a place about 25 mins away has a stack for $109. I'll prob head there tomorrow and pick up a pair. I have a 5-7 year old pair that's starting to fall apart.
Is $110 a good deal for the low straights?
we had our first bottle of 2010 Gilles Robin Crozes-Hermitage Cuvée Albéric Bouvet that we picked up for around $24 from cinderella in 2013. It was really terrific, fruit forward, spicy, some orange peel. Drinks like a much more expensive wine,
thank you!
you have it listed as a 44r here, and a 44L on ebay (and 44r on ebay).
I'm in a similar situation, over the years my ebay search terms yielded a basically new filson field and a glaser at about 1/4 retail. Still, I think I can squeeze a laptop sleeve under the embargo. if I was in the middle of a search, I wouldn't hesitate on the satchel or the portfolio.
it looks dated to me: wide lapels and low button stance.
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