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Wish I saw the New Jersey shipping address before returning some pants to India. 7 weeks and counting....
You'll get the best advice in the Tailors Thread. For me the jacket is short overall. The rise of the pants or the length of the vest is off leaving that gap at the waist. The pockets typically bow like that if the seat is too tight, but since it is more flared on your right side, there may be other issues at play. Belts don't work with 3-piece suits, IMHO. There's a lot of other stuff to clean up, but I won't pretend to know how.....best left to the tailors.
A black balmoral with a perforated toe? It is arguably a notch less conservative than a plain cap, but I think you are quite safe.
No sweat. For further reading into fit issues, you may wish to check out The Tailor's Thread
Because the L makes you look like a stuffed sausage (skin-tight arms, buckling placket, pulling buttons). As I said, you can alter the XL where you think it is too large, but based on the pictures I'd pay $10 to get the waist nipped or darted and be done with it.
You are an XL in whatever brand this is. If you feel it is too roomy in the chest (doesn't appear to be), you can always have it altered.
Incongruent, if not spazzy.
There have been excellent results posted in the KW thread, but I suspect that success is predicated on the trial suit fitting somewhat well off the bat, and perhaps the level of knowledge/experience of the buyer in requesting adjustments.
You'll get the best advice on how to clean this up in the Tailor's thread, but the fit of the collar and the sleeve length jump out at me primarily. I would have chosen a slightly higher rise, slightly lower buttoning point, and less taper at the ankles, but those are matters of personal preference. It's tough to get decent shoes in that price range, but I think Meermin and Bexley are worth a look (aside from forum standard recommendation Allen Edmonds). If you only wear...
Can you post what adjustments you made from the trial suit? Seems like a lot of issues. Also, it's best to forgo the belt on a 3 piece - did you request buttons or side adjusters?
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