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Apart from being 2 button, and thus slightly taller in the band, I don't see anything special about these either. If that's what you want, I'd suggest rolling the dice with Luxire. You could request heavy fusing in the collar band if you really want it to stand rigid. I think the collars themselves are just run of the mill fused spreads, but maybe with a lighter interlining as they do curve somewhat. The plackets appear to vary, in that some look stiff with gravity taking...
No need to compromise - I recently had a MTM shirt done with a tapered back panel. Unfortunately that particular shirt was tight in the bicep, but otherwise came out well enough that I'll soon order more.
I'd rate them fairly even in quality. I own several pairs of AE, and no Meermin (didn't have my size in the shop). I would also agree that Meermin is capable of a much better looking shoe, but worse in some cases too. I've seen some remarkably poor QC from both.Same here. They did call to let me know about some MTM event they were having one time. The hard sell stuff put me off a bit.
A coarser OCBD is probably the next step up, and will never be mistaken for a dress shirt. That step up kinda goes poof if you don't tuck it in though.
That thread was won when someone dropped David Beckham and Ronaldo as his sartorial heroes. I considered making his line my sig, but.....
Questions of value are a matter of perspective, but assuming both fit you, they are aesthetically apples and oranges to me.
It got ridiculous when the 2nd attempt went off the rails. I consider myself a fairly laid back customer, but you are saint.
Sorry to say, but while the shoulders were too strong to begin with, whatever alterations were made to them don't seem to have gone well. Hopefully it's just your pose or the background of the picture playing tricks, but they look wavy from the front, yet smooth without compensating for your left shoulder from the back. The left sleeve showing substantially less cuff than the right supports this theory, I think.
Is it possible that you are understating the extent of the alterations? $550 to take in a jacket and hem a pair of pants?
+1, would be useful. This site has pictures of probably every colour of Bemberg Cupro available, but there are literally dozens of shades of every colour, so it's hard to know exactly which KW uses.
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