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There are more factors at play than the measurements you've provided. The construction alone could make 2 jackets appear vastly different. Probably best to move on from the jacket.
The ankle seems small for men's jeans, but I think your rise ratio is essentially similar to that of New Standards, so you're good there.Based on my experience, I would recommend checking the measurements straight out of the package. I made the mistake of hot soaking mine before I realized that the half hip was too big, and it made it harder to adjust when I reordered.
Not crotch blowout, but mine are wearing noticeably at the hidden rivets after maybe a dozen wears. The first pair that was returned for these to be made had super rough rivets on the coin pocket. If the ones on the pockets are the same, it's no surprise that they're popping through the denim.Anyway back to the crotch blowout, is that caused by a fit issue?
I wouldn't call matters of preference like this "wrong", but rather unflattering or undesirable. It seems to be a fashion thing the past while.
Never seen I bicycle toe I've liked, but these are particularly blunt.
From these pictures, I don't think any further investment would be worth it, but as I said, you'll get better advice with better pictures. Also try THIS THREAD to hear it from a tailor.
Better photos (arms down natural pose, full body) will get you better advice, but it looks wide in the shoulders and too tight at the waist from these. The rise on the pants is too low, which is why you have that large gap under the buttoning point. The body may be too short as well.
You'll get much more useful advice if you button your jacket and stand naturally for the pictures.
I actually thought it was a lab coat at first glance! Not a tailor, but the prognosis will be poor even with a significant investment in alterations. Maybe you can flip it?
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