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You did.
I'm not a tailor, but the lapels don't look particularly wide to me. The high buttoning point isn't doing you any favours, though.
I don't personally like a lot of the details of the suits you've linked. There's a wealth of information in this thread:
Having owned one of these, I can tell you that it is routinely found in outlets for ~$400....and even then it isn't a very good value. It was also my experience that it was easy to flip, so I would definitely recommend you go that route. If you are intent on keeping it, consider posting some better pictures. It looks like the shoulders don't fit terribly well, but the angle and the lighting make it hard to be certain.
What this guy said, but I'd also consider Kent Wang for more options and fabrics if you can stretch your budget just a little bit more.
I used a black and white diagram to convey exactly what I wanted, and Luxire nailed the measurements (a shorter yoke and closer/higher pockets). Somehow despite getting the hard part perfect, they made the hips super wide (about 2" more than requested on the half hip), so they are currently being remade.Another issue I see that my pair also had is that the rear fork (I think it's called) or inner seat width is too narrow, which for lack of a better term results in a...
It should CYA.
Looks like the only measurement you got correct was the yoke/shoulders. The collar might be alright, but it is impossible to say without a pic of it buttoned up. Also, unsolicited, but the trouser pockets hint that they are too tight as well.
The pulling and buckling is due to the shirt being too tight (as mentioned above).
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