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Some days I leave for work and it's looking ok, and then I have to slog through a foot of snow to get to the snowblower when I get home. This winter has sucked for that (and for blown our snow tires with impossible wheel sizes, but that's another story....)I used several coats of polish on my scotch grains as thinman suggested, plus sno-seal on the welt for good measure. Super low maintenance after that. Grain leather cleans up so easily.
Certainly, as you qualified, he will need to note which AE last works for him. I just wanted to make sure rqc0 was aware of this additional variable, as he appeared to be under the impression that a brand to brand comparison could be made. Apologies if not.
Allen Edmonds and Meermin each use many different lasts in their line, so such a comparison is difficult to make. You are far better off asking Meermin for advice based on your measurements IMHO.
These would be out of my personal comfort zone, but you may find some inspiration in the In Praise (but also Suspicion) of Patterned Pants thread.
I have both suede and pebble grain calf boots, and prefer the latter in the winter because you can wipe/brush off salt in the blink of an eye, while the suede requires a bit more maintenance. Still, those are much nicer boots than mine, Roger....you are a braver man than I.
Agreed, and I think this logic extends to unpadded/unstructured jackets as well.
8" is already on the slim side of tradition. The return policy is good though (so long as you're patient).
I was thinking about trying out one of the LBM 1911 jackets, but I'm iffy on the sizing having never owned an unstructured jacket. The chest on a 38 would serve me best, but the shoulder is wider than I'd normally look for. How crucial is it to nail the shoulder fit on an unstructured jacket given that there's no padding to stick out? Will it look droopy if it's too wide? Thanks in advance for any advice.
You could do worse in terms of polos and buttondowns, but bigger ticket items like sportcoats and outerwear are a larger step down from the main line (from what I've seen). They are also a fair step down in price though, so not sure why you feel "jipped" if you "still like them". Best to wait for a main line sale in the future.
This. Oxfords (especially black ones) are completely incoherent with jeans IMHO.
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