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You got me backwards, and I only said one was slightly less bad. Do they really only carry those 2 colours? Perhaps the best advice would be to expand your search.
I would reiterate that black is not a good idea, but if you must, perhaps light gray trousers would work best. You are generally correct about the IT world, but that doesn't mean you should aim so low.
I Topy my weather beaters, and strongly prefer leather soles otherwise (aesthetically, not out of any sense of correctness). I should add that I'm not sure how much the thin Topys I get actually help, apart from on smooth wet floors.
They make it to your specs on the cheap and then you can tweak it before investing in a finished jacket. This should help avoid some of the MTM abominations that you see in other threads.
I like the leather portion to match my shoes and stick to simple solids for ease of matching. I know, boring, but hardly anyone ever sees them. I'm not a fan of bright red ties or skinny ties, but a search on classic wedding ties will yield excellent advice. Perhaps certain patterns are over-recommended here, but you will not be steered wrong. I recently ordered a shepherd's check from Kent Wang and was astounded by the quality for the price.
Unlikely - New Standards use 14.5oz denim vs Luxire's 14oz. The former feel FAR more substantial, but are rumoured to be heavily starched, which may explain why. I can't feel too much difference between the 13 oz and the 14 oz Luxire, but I have a pair of 15 oz Momotaro that make my Luxire jeans feel featherweight. Theresa told me that they were looking into getting Cone Mills last summer, but I haven't seen any on the site yet.
It's a bit much for either setting, IMHO. I saw a guy wearing the same or similar at a wedding last summer and it really stood out, especially outdoors.
This is the name of a cut. What you are asking about will depend on the fabric and lining.It's been quite low for a long time. What further corners can they cut at this point?
They vary a lot. I have an older herringbone one which is really nice, and a more recent olive one, which has a disgustingly cheap zipper.
Completely agree (that's not at all what I was getting at)
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