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I actually thought it was a lab coat at first glance! Not a tailor, but the prognosis will be poor even with a significant investment in alterations. Maybe you can flip it?
Can you elaborate on how they are different? I'm considering having Luxire make pants based on the old Italian cut, only with a slightly higher rise and a wider leg opening. If the new ones fit that description, I would probably just continue to get them from Jamison, as he's yet to let me down. This thread has become concerning though. Hope he's ok.
This reminds me....@Kent Wang, are there any plans for a shorter model? Something more akin to OB Setters?
It looks long from the picture, which is accentuated by a high buttoning point. The colour is not useful, but YMMV. The brand is also not great from the limited exposure I've had to it in person.
Yeah, even the product details describe them as square. There are other compelling reasons not to buy them though. If you search a little bit, you should be able to turn up a recent thread on decent shoes with lower price tags (which predictably goes off track, but starts off useful).
I see......Enjoy.
I'm sure the discount store and shopping mall lines are comparable, but I don't know of a Hilfiger line at the quality point of RLBL or RLPL.
I tagged along with a friend when he went to SS recently, where he purchased a suit that wound up a little under a grand. While the salesman's tailoring suggestions were generally good, I was a bit surprised by his response when I suggested that the seat be let out to remedy the bulging pockets on the pants. He claimed that SS purposely designed their trouser pockets to bow, to alleviate the stress on the seam when you put your hands in them. He went on to raise his jacket...
+1 to all of this, especially regarding the length. I also prefer a slightly higher rise.
Thanks, I am already a Leatherfoot customer, but I'm afraid that our taxes put their prices roughly on par with everywhere else. Great shop, though.
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