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That may be, but his advice is sound.
Judging by the picture and the inseam on the size guide - Bulldog.
A question for those of you who have returned garments for minor alterations. What was the turnaround like once the item was received? My pants finally arrived in India after 7 weeks (obviously not Luxire's fault), and I'm dying to get them back so that I can base more orders off of them.
You may consider adding more space in the thigh as well as the seat, as they seem to cling. I won't estimate how much material to add, but keep in mind they can always be taken in if you go a little too far. I'd also suggest sending an exact inseam measurement (once again erring on the side of too much if you're uncertain). I wouldn't use this pair of pants for that.
Both are neither fish nor fowl IMHO, but probably more appropriate with casual pants than anything else.
Always tucked.
Rise could also be too low on the pants. Or both.
Wish I saw the New Jersey shipping address before returning some pants to India. 7 weeks and counting....
You'll get the best advice in the Tailors Thread. For me the jacket is short overall. The rise of the pants or the length of the vest is off leaving that gap at the waist. The pockets typically bow like that if the seat is too tight, but since it is more flared on your right side, there may be other issues at play. Belts don't work with 3-piece suits, IMHO. There's a lot of other stuff to clean up, but I won't pretend to know how.....best left to the tailors.
A black balmoral with a perforated toe? It is arguably a notch less conservative than a plain cap, but I think you are quite safe.
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