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A light lavender plain oxford is highest on my wishlist, but I doubt you'd have any trouble moving pale pink or blue. I've seen a navy/white gingham oxford around that I think would make an excellent Fall shirt.
+1. Would love to see more plain oxford fabrics available for the MTM program too.
What happens if it's not purple? You are getting solid advice here - those ties are frankly awful. Sorry.I could swear one of the affiliates stocked a purple and white shepherd's check, but I can't find it now. Vanda has one pictured in their swatches - you may want to drop them a line. I'm pretty sure I've seen a RLPL purple on grey glen plaid somewhere too. Good luck and congrats.
Not me, but I can confirm that the Classic Blue Oxford is already significantly stiffer in comparison.
@spiermackay Rick, could you let me know about the above please?
Is the shirting available for MTM limited to what is on the website, or would there be more swatches to flip through if I went in person? I ordered my first shirt in person recently, but I went in knowing which fabric I wanted from the website, and admittedly didn't look around much.
I'm not sure how unfinished stud holes would hold up, but even this is ignoring the fact that the shirt wouldn't have the texture of a tuxedo shirt. Several forum sponsors carry affordable versions of these shirts (Kent Wang, Luxire at a glance). I know all too well how much weddings cost, but a shirt is a drop in the bucket.
How would you get the studs through the other side of the shirt?
UPS is worse....the brokerage fee is a sliding scale based on the declared value. I used to have it bookmarked, but can't seem to find it right now. One time I ordered a pair of socks at a discount from the US, and the seller declared the pre-sale value. The difference of $3 caused the brokerage fee to go from something like $7 to $20. Outrageous.As for Vass, the GTA Shoe Shine guy is selling them now, if your other sources refuse to use the regular postal system vs couriers.
I use this site to estimate, and then tack on about $25 for FedEx to fill out a simple form (aka brokerage). Fairly accurate in this case, using the current exchange rate (~220 CDN)
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