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Boring fodder from today. Jeans and jacket are available. Not pictured, a BB Saxxon wool cable knit sweater for me. Gustin #203 Blue 14 Straight Raw Japanese Selvedge Jeans 33x30 Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald 1/4 Lined Full Canvas Summer Weight Sport Coat 44R
Ta ta toothy
Curious to get an idea of what the thread would do: If you'd buy a Barbour Beaufort with liner (great condition, unsure if for personal use or to flip) for $125 please thumb this post.
Hit one stop yesterday after going to the driving range and running a bunch of errands. Since it's ridiculous to own two Gloverall duffle coats, if you're a 40 and want a navy one, PM me. I'll give you a good deal.
No Lobb but I'm not complaining. Alden shell cordovan. And two ties.
My two purchases from the JCrew warehouse sale. A cashmere scarf and a wool square. Spent a total of $9. Girlfriend spent $220.
Indy boots are well worn floor samples. Not in bad shape, but the worst condition out of all the ones I listed. The rest are in pretty decent shape.
At a JCrew Warehouse sale. Fuck this bullshit pricing. My purchases if the pricing was anything close to reasonable: Alden Indy boots Alfred Sargent boots Alfred Sargent shoes x 5 Quoddy x 2 Bass chukkas for me Red Wing x 2 Stubbs & Wooten Sanders What really pisses me off is that they're selling seconds for more than I've seen first quality pairs go on the JCrew website.
Bowties: Paul Stuart (NA - this puppy's a keeper), Carrot & Gibbs, BB PRL Wimbledon tie NWT Club Room cashmere scarf for me Current Canali 16.5 NOS Eljo's (Charlottesville, VA) UVA suspenders Ledbury x 2 (both 16)
New Posts  All Forums: