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I agree that charcoal trousers aren't the easiest to pull off, but I think they look great with a camel or light brown sport coat.Edit: Also, this street shot from Four-Pins is one of the best dark trousers, light coat outfits I've seen.
What you have is LB's lower end "Club" line. The ebay auction is for the mainline, which is fantastic quality.I think you did fine with a NWT accessory, but I'd avoid LB Club in the future.
Today was a good day, though there was some heartbreak when I came upon a moth eaten Brioni suit. RT BOC Bill's Khakis Carolina blue shorts. 32. Available. Here's where things get interesting. Both NWOB, 9.5D and PRL. One made in Italy and the other in England by C&J.
I always look at buttons now. I found my first pair of Ben Silver's the other week. An easy, quick, lucrative sale. Found mine on a Lauren Ralph Lauren blazer. I'm hoping a blazer with H&S buttons will be half off tomorrow.
WHOA! Way better than the Inis shirts I thrifted.One thing pictured for today: John Varvatos (cherry pop) seven fold. NA, this is going in my collection. [[SPOILER]] In deep freeze: 2 Ledbury shirts (this). One in gray another in copper. 16. Available. Also a Brioni Sport linen button down.
Not spoilering this. Wow, that's sexy.
NWOB Ferragamo captoe pebble grain single monks. Where are these on the Ferragamo hierarchy?
Pretty slow week. Nothing but a Paul Stuart ribbon belt and Nantucket reddish Chino Linos (34x36 and available). Pretty decent sale on Rancourts at Club Monaco. Some as low as $130 shipped. Lastly, which one of you fuckers outbid me on these? I encourage you to scroll through the...
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=331269750983 e-thrift for myself
New Posts  All Forums: