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To my eye flapped patch pockets are just too much. Too much material. Too many lines. I don't think this proves much, but show me a Zegna, Kiton, or Isaia jacket with flapped patch pockets. I love prep/Ivy and it inspires a lot of my style, but those pockets will never make it into my wardrobe.
NWT VV tie. I normally pass on vintage PRL but these were too cool and too cheap to leave. The silk? one fits but I detest flapped patch pockets so to the Bay it goes.
I'd call that RLPL a leather blouson. And it's sexy as FUCK.
Need some help on a maker. Recent, if not current, Gieves & Hawkes wool/cashmere triple patch pocket sport coat.
It's either my second or third one. I probably paid more than most people would, but I'll at least double my money.
Paid up for this. NWT Hermes.Trashed Hermes. Only cost me a buck. If for some reason anyone wants this let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to do a little research and cut this thing open to examine the guts. [[SPOILER]] Holland & Sherry. Usually leave these, but I liked the print.All sweaters are NA. Scotch House is for my brother and the Gran Sasso 70% wool, 30% cashmere are for me.Finally, Saint Laurent Paris flats. First time picking up this brand. I think they're genuine...
Keeping both. Rooster Irish linen and a BB cotton/silk. Truzzi shirt. 16.5 First time picking up Hugo Boss. 100% linen. Dual vent. Flat front. 40R. Dirt cheap.
Today was such a tease. I got invited into the back stock room of one of my occasional stops. Wow. Only suits, a few pants and some outerwear was reachable. The rest was on racks well above my head. Suits: brioni, canali, tons of samuelsohn and Hickey Freeman. Cucinelli pants. zegna cashmere coats. The kicker: an Hermes cashmere topcoat they priced at $600. They wouldn't sell me a damn thing.
Brioni and alma mater ties. Both NA. Loro Piana ladies' polo. Robert Graham. Medium. Haven't picked up one of these in almost two years. First time picking up this brand. NWT HSM sport coat in Loro Piana 100% worsted cashmere. 48R.
Been slow around here. PRL x Corneliani wool/linen sc. 44 long. ArcTeryx "Alden" pants. NA. Yesterday's dinner and today's lunch: vegan green goddess bowl. Red quinoa, chickpeas, grape tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, microgreens, spring mix, peppers, and pita chips with a basil tahini dressing. Deelish.
New Posts  All Forums: