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Welcome to the thread. My advice, read it from the beginning. It will take some time but it will save you lots of cash.
BB shetland. NA as I'm saving it for my brother. Current, still on the BB website. BB Golden Fleece tux shirt. 16.5 x 34. Gokey x 2. 9. Alden shell. 9 B/D.
Spent five hours this morning finishing Stranger Things. Totally worth it. Great, great series.Ledbury x 3. All 15.5. All available.I have no clue on these. If they turn out to be nothing special I'll wear them as they're my size. [[SPOILER]]
I do have a question about a pair of gats? I picked up, but I'll post that and a few meager finds tomorrow. Got three episodes into Stranger Things. Damn good. Hoping I can finish it tomorrow.
Confirmed this with Mark Cho (Drake's Owner) who consulted with Michael Hill (Drake's Creative Director). The green label with the duck on the left is an old Drake's label.
I sent Mark Cho (Drake's owner) a message on Instagram about these scarves. He consulted Michael Hill (Drake's Creative Director) and confirmed that this green label with a duck is indeed an older Drake's label. So the final pickup, two Stefano Ricci scarves, three Drake's scarves and JW Brine. Nice.
My uncle went to so many black tie events he owned nine tuxedos. If he was still alive I'd tell him his tenth should be this awesome Ben Silver black seersucker tux. http://www.bensilver.com/Black-Seersucker-Tuxedo,31404.html#.V6Km1Vf3aK0
Picked up the Aldens I posted about yesterday. Medallion Tip Bal Oxford in black calf. For $12 I'm not complaining. [[SPOILER]] This is 100% NA cause this sucker fits like a glove. Canali brown label. Maybe the coolest Canali I've ever picked up. Patch pockets. Side vents. Wool/silk/linen blend. Lining needs a touch of work. [[SPOILER]]
Guy on Craigslist is selling some Aldens for dirt cheap. Shoe experts, @capnwes, are these past the point of no return? I can't really tell if that's cracking or creasing.
Inappropriate to nominate myself twice? Got to include my $5/scarf haul. Included: a Stefano Ricci cashmere that retails for $2900, another Stefano Ricci that goes for $800+ and three Drake's. Stefano Ricci silk dress scarf. Stefano Ricci 100% cashmere scarf. It's gigantic. JW Brine cotton/viscose scarf. Made in Italy. Not yet measured, but very big. I need a little help with these three. All have this same basic label. I've seen this green label with a duck on...
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