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Def not some bad finds, though I would have left a few. A word of advice, you're going to buy a lot, probably too much, since you're first starting out. I certainly did. Fight that urge. There's no shame in going home empty handed. There's only one @SpooPoker, try as we all might to achieve his level of greatness.
Black grosgrain. I'm a size 34-36 waist. @datsunfan might have one for me, but @Dirt if you have one I'm all ears. Shoot me a PM if you do.
@leftofthedial Y'all offer Ring Jacket MTM?
If anyone comes across a solid black grosgrain cummerbund please PM. I'm a 34-36 waist. Thanks.
Seriously, RAVE FabriCARE. My really nice stuff goes to them. They worked magic on a PRL camel polo coat. It's expensive but so worth it. I'm prepping a box now - John Partridge quilted jacket that needs stain removal and restitching, stain removal and shaping for a few ties, repressing a sport coat and odor removal on a Melton peacoat.
I was watching that purely out of curiosity. That's a steal. I was thinking it'd sell for $400-$500.
6'1", 180-185. I eat a vegan breakfast and lunch and lost ten pounds without really trying. Breakfast is usually oatmeal with peanut butter and fruit. Lunch is a large salad, fruit and a small serving of a complex carb. Snacks are either a banana or nuts. I drink only water and unsweetened iced tea, which I brew myself. I might have two alcoholic beverages during the week. For exercise I play soccer twice a week and run another two to three days a week. I need to...
Best shoe haul of all time. All shell cordovan. All 9.5B. AE Randolph x 2. Alden for BB x 3. Keeping the brown penny on the far left.
I'm in the same field and currently job hunting. PM coming.
Beater Alden Cape Cod loafers. 7.5D. Recent Canali and PRL ties. Squares. 5 of the 6 are PRL or BB. Asshole store double tagged these through the center, so now each has four tiny holes.
New Posts  All Forums: