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I've never been at a Buffalo Exchange before. Are y'all really paying $20+ for shirts or are you getting them when they're marked down? @Fueco I can't even imagine. God bless.
No. Jack Victor.
If I had a little more money in the bank I'd be all over the Canali Kei.
Berle seersucker shorts for me Anonymous hand rolled pocket square for me Giannetto Portofino for me. Never heard of the brand before but the fabric, collar and construction are all decent. MOP buttons and single need stitching. NWT Belted Cow belt Current BB ties. One NWT. POP on Cifonelli!. 100% linen. 36. On the fence about keeping these, since they do fit but I'd need to taper them. Ledbury x 3. All size 18. My favorite find of the day, Smathers & Branson...
Glad to see I'm not the only one wearing slides when thrifting, though mine are Adidas.
All current Pocket squares CHERRY POP! Paid up but I wasn't going to leave it. Caruso. Dual vent. Wool. 54L.
Local thrift just posted this on their Instagram. I'm scared how high the prices are going to be when I go tomorrow morning.
Stopped by the Ledbury warehouse sale yesterday. Not a huge fan of their shirts, so I went looking for a sweater. Tons of stock. Tim Kaine was there about an hour after me. NWOB Sebago Docksides. Made in the USA. 7.5M. NWT Vitaliano Pancaldi tie Small e-thrift. NWT Stefano Ricci square. Under 10% rule if you don't count shipping.
Charvet tie Ledbury White Corcoran Windowpane. 15. NWT Canali pants. Current. Slim. 34 x unhemmed.
I left it out of frustration. It's the angle. I tried it on. It looks very off.
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