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A wool vest like Sid Mashburn's: not puffy as hell, horn buttons, decent construction, $300-$350.
Suit Supply jacket, DuChamp tie and NWT Ike Behar pants. All available.
Yeah I saw that. Shouldn't there be a name though aside from OP-607? Like "Gregory Peck" or "O'Malley"?
One stop. One find. One dollar. Oliver Peoples glasses. I must suck at googling because I can't find anything about these. Can someone here help me out? [[SPOILER]]
I am two Stellas and a glass of wine deep. I love to cook so I do five nights a week. Tonight's the gf's aka Matty gets drunk and catches up on The Profit and watches Hardball.
One quick stop today: NWT Valentino NWOT (truly) J. Lindbergh unlined donegal Paul Stuart unlined silk Phineas Cole shirt Current RT BOC tie Now I know what being @SpooPoker feels like. Hands down my most popular listing ever. Bought for $20 at a local mens store's warehouse sale. Within the last thirty minutes I sold another pair in cashmere/silk blend BIN for $130. It's been a good day.
Prof! Sidewalk sale at Peter-Blair today. Also, those socks, tons of Bresciani and Brioni at Francos. Plenty of Bresciani cashmere.
Yesterday: Filson hat HF cashmere Rag & Bone wool/silk blend Also picked up a few more pairs of Brioni cashmere socks from a local store selling them for $20 a pair. Threw one up on eBay to see how it would do, already over $100.
Greg, I'm trying to check out with the PREORDER promo code and a gift code, but it's not working. Also, for the hunting jacket do I keep my usual Eidos size (52 Eu) or go down?
No thrifting for me yesterday as the gf and I were cooking and cleaning all day in preparation for hosting dinner with her folks. Since this is the bragging thread, I did slay some homemade pizzas and a chocolate pistachio tart. Also swung by a local mens store's warehouse sale after my haircut and picked up some heavily discounted socks. Couldn't pass up Brioni OTC 100% cashmere for under $20 (other two are wool). Talked with a salesman for over an hour about all...
New Posts  All Forums: