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@NickPollica Antonio, what's the difference between the current Eidos x NMWA suit pants and the suit pants offered with your first F/W NMWA collection? I bought the navy herringbone suit in 12oz wool in 2014 and am looking to get another F/W suit.
Rider to open a retail store in Richmond, VA. I'm a local so I'll definitely be checking this out. They'll be just a block or two from the new Ledbury store. @Teger, @ASNY2VA
@snackbandit That Luciano Barbera coat is niiiiiiice
Please don't do this. I've never seen it work out well.I have a NMWA suit and let out the seat. Not sure how to measure how much material was there before I let them out.
Ferrell Reed square for a buddy who's really into pool. Willis & Geiger. 36. POP on Michael Bastian. Ledbury. Both 16. MB is my size, though crazy slim so I'm letting it go. AE Park Aves, 9.5 EEE and some Alden for BB wingtips, 12 B/D.
Saw my first Hermes saddle. Asking $450. Pretty darn cool.
I've never been at a Buffalo Exchange before. Are y'all really paying $20+ for shirts or are you getting them when they're marked down? @Fueco I can't even imagine. God bless.
No. Jack Victor.
If I had a little more money in the bank I'd be all over the Canali Kei.
Berle seersucker shorts for me Anonymous hand rolled pocket square for me Giannetto Portofino for me. Never heard of the brand before but the fabric, collar and construction are all decent. MOP buttons and single need stitching. NWT Belted Cow belt Current BB ties. One NWT. POP on Cifonelli!. 100% linen. 36. On the fence about keeping these, since they do fit but I'd need to taper them. Ledbury x 3. All size 18. My favorite find of the day, Smathers & Branson...
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