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Today was such a tease. I got invited into the back stock room of one of my occasional stops. Wow. Only suits, a few pants and some outerwear was reachable. The rest was on racks well above my head. Suits: brioni, canali, tons of samuelsohn and Hickey Freeman. Cucinelli pants. zegna cashmere coats. The kicker: an Hermes cashmere topcoat they priced at $600. They wouldn't sell me a damn thing.
Brioni and alma mater ties. Both NA. Loro Piana ladies' polo. Robert Graham. Medium. Haven't picked up one of these in almost two years. First time picking up this brand. NWT HSM sport coat in Loro Piana 100% worsted cashmere. 48R.
Been slow around here. PRL x Corneliani wool/linen sc. 44 long. ArcTeryx "Alden" pants. NA. Yesterday's dinner and today's lunch: vegan green goddess bowl. Red quinoa, chickpeas, grape tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, microgreens, spring mix, peppers, and pita chips with a basil tahini dressing. Deelish.
A huge shout out to @datsunfan. He gave me killer deal on a NWT PRL black grosgrain cummerbund. It's perfect. Do business with this guy. He's a good guy.
Lately I've been leaving more AE than I've been picking up. First time seeing current AE in a thrift. Delray in Chili. 9.5. Available.
This might already be in the works @SpooPoker but can we get some of these items in tomorrow's PTO eBay roundup?
My best find of the year and my best shoe haul of all time. All shell cordovan. One store. One donor. My size. Alden for BB x 3. Allen Edmonds x 2.
Agreed. I'll edit the blurb to remove "Thrift Forum".
From last week's insane shell cordovan loafer haul, a pair of Alden for BB shell loafers. Alden Brooks Brothers Black Shell Cordovan Unlined Penny Loafers 9.5B #ForBrian I wrote this blurb. Feel free to use it, edit it, ignore it. "I'm participating in StyleForum's #ForBrian auctions in honor of a recently deceased and beloved member of the SF Thrift Forum. This and (mostly) other participating auctions have a $9.99 starting price and no reserve. After deducting fees,...
NA at the moment as I'm holding it for my Dad. Luciano Barbera Soft linen/wool/silk/cashmere blend. 46R.
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