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Guy on Craigslist is selling some Aldens for dirt cheap. Shoe experts, @capnwes, are these past the point of no return? I can't really tell if that's cracking or creasing.
Inappropriate to nominate myself twice? Got to include my $5/scarf haul. Included: a Stefano Ricci cashmere that retails for $2900, another Stefano Ricci that goes for $800+ and three Drake's. Stefano Ricci silk dress scarf. Stefano Ricci 100% cashmere scarf. It's gigantic. JW Brine cotton/viscose scarf. Made in Italy. Not yet measured, but very big. I need a little help with these three. All have this same basic label. I've seen this green label with a duck on...
Picked up a lot of 9 pairs of gloves. Paid $10 a pair. It appears 7 or 8 are handsewn. I wish I knew more about leather so I'd know what type of leathers I have here, though I believe some are kidskin. Also, I'm not positive that all these are men's. I think some of these are from the 40s and 50s. First two are NA. Most are size 8 or 8.5 If anyone has any knowledge about these, please PM. This was the first pair in the box. Ralph Lauren Purple Label peccary. Mind...
This is the lot of six scaves. Paid $5.33 a scarf. I'm sorry to say but all are NA at the moment. Like I said yesterday, Riccis are too expensive for me to keep. It's just stupid luxury. I'll post the other accessories lot sometime today. Stefano Ricci silk dress scarf. Stefano Ricci 100% cashmere scarf. I haven't measured it yet, but it's gigantic. Neiman Marcus is selling one for $2875 at the moment. JW Brine cotton/viscose scarf. Made in Italy. Not yet measured,...
I'll post the rest tomorrow. My $32 scarf lot from Linda. Yeah, def paid off. The Stefano Ricci is 100% cashmere. It's my favorite of the bunch but I can't keep it when it retails for this much. I was blown away. I was thinking $800 max.
@SpooPoker, how do yall split the haul? Whoever grabs it gets it? You both sell half and split the total profits?
Not a huge brag, but I got $35 for well(ish) worn Dunhill pajamas. You can definitely get more than that for the T&A ones, @timhortons. Thickest wool shirt/shacket I've ever seen. Totally awesome. Totally Mint. Totally NA. Vintage PRL made in USA. English wool. New Zealand suede.
@Jompso Canali Kei is the tits. My favorite RTW jackets.
One of you DC/NOVA/MD peeps needs to check this out. Brioni, Kiton, Stefano Ricci, C&J, Lobb, Zegna.https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/clo/5701076385.htmlCanali (brown label) that was very underpriced at consignment. My size, though I'm on the fence about keeping it. If so it will only be the third thrifted sport coat to make it into my closet. [[SPOILER]]
BB formal suspenders. RLPL linen pants. 36. Ledbury x 2. NA as I always give Ledbury in this size to a buddy. Haven't come across this brand in four years. Engineered Garments contrast collar and cuff shirt. XL.
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