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Bowties: Paul Stuart (NA - this puppy's a keeper), Carrot & Gibbs, BB PRL Wimbledon tie NWT Club Room cashmere scarf for me Current Canali 16.5 NOS Eljo's (Charlottesville, VA) UVA suspenders Ledbury x 2 (both 16)
A NWT kind of day. Brooks Brothers baby camel hair scarf, Vineyard Vines tie and Tyrwhitt shirt.
In a wedding this weekend. I'll be wearing my thrifted Chesterfield coat by D'Avenza for Gieves & Hawkes. It's straight fire. I'll post pics.
Paid too much for all of this. John Partridge for me. Bean Boots x 2. Size 11. Available.
One stop. One find. NA at the moment. Waiting to see if my dad likes it and it fits him. 46R.
She definitely needs another 10-15 lbs on her. I loved Sunday's episode. Holy fuck does Marnie (and Christopher) need therapy.
Leave it. This is a quote from Antonio Ciongoli aka Nick Pollica on SF, the Creative Director of Eidos Napoli (what some call the little brother brand of Isaia).One factory can make for a variety of brands at various levels of quality. Caruso is a prime example.
I have 80-90 ties. I've worn one in 2016. My next wear will be at a wedding in a few weeks, so two occasions to wear a tie in a little over three months. And I sold/consigned 40+ ties from my collection in January.Been pretty damn busy lately so only got to one store yesterday.Peter-Blair x 4, Holliday & BrownAgave "Rocker" pants x 2Last but not least, this. Clearly not thrifted but a family piece. From my mother's great-great aunt who had a daughter that never married. My...
In the field. No other tags aside from this. Care to help a brother out?
Any more? LB outerwear is my favorite outerwear.
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