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BB formal suspenders. RLPL linen pants. 36. Ledbury x 2. NA as I always give Ledbury in this size to a buddy. Haven't come across this brand in four years. Engineered Garments contrast collar and cuff shirt. XL.
One of four auctions I won tonight. Thanks, Linda!
MUCH better. It's an expensive lesson to learn and that's the exact reason why I recommend friends learn how a suit/jacket should fit before they buy lots of tailored clothing.
To my eye flapped patch pockets are just too much. Too much material. Too many lines. I don't think this proves much, but show me a Zegna, Kiton, or Isaia jacket with flapped patch pockets. I love prep/Ivy and it inspires a lot of my style, but those pockets will never make it into my wardrobe.
NWT VV tie. I normally pass on vintage PRL but these were too cool and too cheap to leave. The silk? one fits but I detest flapped patch pockets so to the Bay it goes.
I'd call that RLPL a leather blouson. And it's sexy as FUCK.
Need some help on a maker. Recent, if not current, Gieves & Hawkes wool/cashmere triple patch pocket sport coat.
It's either my second or third one. I probably paid more than most people would, but I'll at least double my money.
Paid up for this. NWT Hermes.Trashed Hermes. Only cost me a buck. If for some reason anyone wants this let me know. Otherwise, I'm going to do a little research and cut this thing open to examine the guts. [[SPOILER]] Holland & Sherry. Usually leave these, but I liked the print.All sweaters are NA. Scotch House is for my brother and the Gran Sasso 70% wool, 30% cashmere are for me.Finally, Saint Laurent Paris flats. First time picking up this brand. I think they're genuine...
Keeping both. Rooster Irish linen and a BB cotton/silk. Truzzi shirt. 16.5 First time picking up Hugo Boss. 100% linen. Dual vent. Flat front. 40R. Dirt cheap.
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