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BB madder for me NWOB Cable & Co. Size 10. Loro Piana ladies? First suit I came across. Brioni 6/1 DB. NWT PRL leather sport coat. 42R.
NWT Sid Mashburn Mid-Gauge Cashmere Sweater. XL. Alden black calf penny loafers. 9.5 B/D. Willing to proxy at cost this NWT Harley of Scotland shetland sweater. Saddle shoulder. XL. PM if interested.
Filson shooting shirtCharvet and Ashear squaresHermes, Charvet x 2, Stefano Ricci x 3. Paid up but still under the 10% rule.Pop on this. Mint, unworn, Lock & Co. Hatters for BB fedora. 7 3/8. Again, paid up but still under the 10% rule. [[SPOILER]]
I'm looking for a new job...
I've thrifted my girlfriend incredible scarves, butter soft cashmere lined quilted leather gloves, Lululemon sweaters, and various Patagonia jackets. She likes all those but flipped out when I brought this home the other day: Rugby field coat. Ledbury x 2. Breuer and Hilditch & Key. First time making cookies. Best ginger snaps I've ever had. 100% vegan.
Blanking on his SF username, but this is from MegaShiny's Tumblr. It should come as no surprise that since the buyout BK are now made in Bangladesh.
FUCKING FINALLY! Big fat cherry pop. Of course this store tags their scarves in the middle. So there are four small holes near the center. I've complained about this to the lazy, uneducated, unreasonable manager before. Did it again today too, but he refuses to change their process.
First, congrats. Second, can someone go and take a picture of this fucker's face? Guess this means no more anonymity.
@NickPollica Antonio, what's the difference between the current Eidos x NMWA suit pants and the suit pants offered with your first F/W NMWA collection? I bought the navy herringbone suit in 12oz wool in 2014 and am looking to get another F/W suit.
Rider to open a retail store in Richmond, VA. I'm a local so I'll definitely be checking this out. They'll be just a block or two from the new Ledbury store. @Teger, @ASNY2VA
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