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Marchesi di Como and two LE knits for me Vitaliano Pancaldi and current Zegna Borglioli. 14. Ben Silver x Hertling light weight cream flannels. 34. Current Canali. 16.5. The Stronghold. XL. NWT St. John boucle skirt. $375 new.
1) Big difference between protests and riots.2) Tea Party.
Thrift Thread PSA The Field Outfitting (never bought from them) has some Rancourts at 80% off with $8 shipping. Code PROMO80. Field Boot: 9.5 Loafer: 9 Chukka: 9, 10
Rancourt black suede chukkas. Truly NWOB. 9D. VV and the rarely seen black knit tie. Anonymous. Silk. Made in Italy. NA. This has got to be a record. Two Barbour jackets in two weeks.
Looks good. Started this last night and finished it up this morning. French onion soup with gruyere croutons.
Bows. PRL, Rugby (RIP), Paul Stuart & Ben Silver. Ledbury x 3. 16. BB odd vest. Large. Agave cotton sweater. Large. Filson. Large. NOS moleskin for Eljo's. Large. Brioni orphan. Paul Stuart hearty tweed SC. All the Ivy details. Current Samuelsohn 1923 black label. Stain will come out easily. Zegna wool/cashmere Donegal cloth. Dual vent. 44R.
Local to you vegan treats/snacks Any #menswear books Cool/interesting sweaters (sorry for the lack of specificity) Really anything. I'll grateful regardless. PSA: Please put your sizes in your post or in your profile. Thanks.
LBM mainline. VBC flannel cloth. Missing the zip out vest. 44R. NWT BB tie, anonymous peccary gloves (8.5) on a R. Hanauer square.
Just picked up a Domenico Vacca scarf from Linda for dirt cheap.
So slow lately. R. Hanauer bowtie and cummerbund set for Dad. NWT BB x 2 I heard vintage 3 piece suits do well. Georgetown University Shop. All the Ivy details. Dunhill pocket sized leather notepad. Corner hardware is 14K gold. My second Barbour jacket. Eskdale. Made in England. Tagged small, but I'm a 42R and it fits me perfectly.
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