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Not a huge brag, but I got $35 for well(ish) worn Dunhill pajamas. You can definitely get more than that for the T&A ones, @timhortons. Thickest wool shirt/shacket I've ever seen. Totally awesome. Totally Mint. Totally NA. Vintage PRL made in USA. English wool. New Zealand suede.
@Jompso Canali Kei is the tits. My favorite RTW jackets.
One of you DC/NOVA/MD peeps needs to check this out. Brioni, Kiton, Stefano Ricci, C&J, Lobb, Zegna.https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/clo/5701076385.htmlCanali (brown label) that was very underpriced at consignment. My size, though I'm on the fence about keeping it. If so it will only be the third thrifted sport coat to make it into my closet. [[SPOILER]]
BB formal suspenders. RLPL linen pants. 36. Ledbury x 2. NA as I always give Ledbury in this size to a buddy. Haven't come across this brand in four years. Engineered Garments contrast collar and cuff shirt. XL.
One of four auctions I won tonight. Thanks, Linda!
MUCH better. It's an expensive lesson to learn and that's the exact reason why I recommend friends learn how a suit/jacket should fit before they buy lots of tailored clothing.
To my eye flapped patch pockets are just too much. Too much material. Too many lines. I don't think this proves much, but show me a Zegna, Kiton, or Isaia jacket with flapped patch pockets. I love prep/Ivy and it inspires a lot of my style, but those pockets will never make it into my wardrobe.
NWT VV tie. I normally pass on vintage PRL but these were too cool and too cheap to leave. The silk? one fits but I detest flapped patch pockets so to the Bay it goes.
I'd call that RLPL a leather blouson. And it's sexy as FUCK.
Need some help on a maker. Recent, if not current, Gieves & Hawkes wool/cashmere triple patch pocket sport coat.
New Posts  All Forums: