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Lands End knit and a PRL silk blackwatch for me. Cifonelli shirt. XL. NWT O'Connell's gray shetland sweater. 48.
Hermes x 3. Didn't catch this until late last night when I cataloged these in my Excel tracker - she rung me up incorrectly, which saved me $27. I've found Drake's ties and shirts, but never a scarf. Vintage made in England schoolboy scarf for a long defunct local store. It's got a few holes, but it's a nice addition to my collection of goods from long gone local stores. I usually leave older Burberry, but this orange linen was dirt cheap. 38. Samuelsohn green...
Passed on a vintage Abercrombie & Fitch shearling coat because of stains on the exterior. Anyone have tips for cleaning at home? Please PM if so. It fits and the price was decent but I'm going to leave it if the only alternative is to send it to a specialty cleaner.
D'Avenza? Just checked my D'Avenza for Gieves & Hawkes Chesterfield coat and the label is different, though that doesn't prove much..
Anderson's woven belt, 38. Peter-Blair tie for me. I usually pass on Bally, but these only have shop wear and were $3. Hertling patchwork madras. 36. I've only picked up HSM once before and that was a $5 NWT sport coat in 100% Loro Piana cashmere. Today was the second time. Current label. Half-lined. Dual vent. Both 44L. BB Regent. 44R. Thorogood "Roofer" boots in black. 10D. Went to my first estate sale today in one of the oldest, richest neighborhoods in the...
I'm vegan. Im marrying a non-vegan. I don't preach. I don't talk about it. If people don't want to go vegan, fine. But since some of you are talking about it, I would challenge all of you to eat a lot less animal products and a lot more whole plant foods. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel.
If you ever decide to add to your family this needs to be the birth announcement.
One quick stop yesterday. NWOB Gokey 6.5D. Been doing a lot of buying for a local vintage store. Harris Tweed. Fully canvassed. Hand sewn buttonholes. Can someone help me date this?
Go back and get that. PC is instakop in my book.
@JeffArmoury, what's the lead time on Ring Jacket MTM?
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