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And that's fine. I don't need them either. But I own gold toe socks (per SF), BB 80/20 wool/nylon OTCs, and find Bresciani to feel the best. Theyre the most comfortable and ride down the least.Largely agree until I put on Bresciani. I don't know if I love my Bresciani wool or cotton socks more. I'm going to reserve judgment. All their socks are phenomenal. It feels like sex on my feet when I wear them.
Meh day. Passed on a Chester Barrie suit that had a small hole in the inner thigh and the jacket needed to be relined. Picked up a BB shirt for the first time in a long time. BB Country Club. XL. Reserved for papa long legs for now. [[SPOILER]]
I talked with the owner for 20 minutes about clothes and such. He told me the maker.
Bresciani is amazing! Look for them as house brand socks at mens stores. I got mine on sale at H. Stockton in Atlanta.
thrift/discount/inheritance? bragging thread. Can't believe I didn't figure this out before, but a RN# search on the content label on a cashmere sweater I got a year ago turns out to be RLPL.
ATLjon and other Atlanta residents, I'm going to be there this weekend and want some shopping suggestions. I've been to Mashburn (though I'll probably go back) and I know Billy Reid is in walking distance. Where else should I go? NMLC? Looking for non-thrifts since I'll be with family and they don't have the patience to deal with me in a thrift and aren't into used clothing.
This is my second thrifted Mashburn shirt.
I bought some off Eddie. Great boot for a great price. FWIW, mine are leather soled and not a captoe.
Sid Mashburn. XL. MOP buttons. Available. [[SPOILER]]
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