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http://www.hangerproject.com/shoe-care-guide/how-to-clean-suede-shoes/Did a ton of polishing today. Using that guide to tackle my suede tomorrow.
The last week or so: Alden Brooks Brothers Brooks Brothers Not pictured: NWT Saks five pocket wool trousers for myself
I've ignored the last 100 posts. Came across a crazy awesome vintage PRL tweed overcoat but sadly it was women's. barker black and peter blair ties, super recent Hickey Freeman silk/linen/wool brown houndstooth pants that fit me PERFECTLY
Lands End navy knit Willis & Geiger hunting jacket with wool liner and an ass ton of pockets
Wilkes Bashford just launched their online shop. https://wilkesbashford.mitchellstores.com/
Well this feels pitiful by comparison BB baby camel hair scarf, Tino Cosma cashmere/silk tie, RT seven fold
First decent day in a while.Cherry pop: BBBF poloPaul Stuart tieEtro 70% cashmere/30% silk wrap [[SPOILER]] LP ladies? shrunken? cashmere sweater size 44 [[SPOILER]] BB formal vest [[SPOILER]]
Cashmere socks, dudes. If you don't have some you ain't living. Scored these at a Barney's Warehouse sale in July for 80% off retail.
I was at the Mansion yesterday and Lindricks were in stock.
Prof, there's def someone out there. Don't know if they're on SF but I've seen this person once. I recognized the pattern immediately.
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