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I wear a 40R but size up to a 42L in Rugby. Shit be tight and short.
Very clever
Orlando (MCO) today
Correct. The only Ovadia & Sons x Gap jacket is a gray nylon moto jacket. Frankly, I wouldn't spend my money on it or any other piece from the GQ x Gap collaboration. They're all ugly and cheap.
Very jealous. You'll get a lot of wear out of those. I got my PRL flannels half off last year and can't wait til it gets cold enough so I can bust them out.
Been slow lately. No content tag, but I'm pretty sure it's cashmere. Feels sooooo good. [[SPOILER]]
If you're coming Friday morning there should be plenty of on street parking on Cary. If that's full there is a lot behind the store on Belmont and also some spaces on Belmont. Also, there is plenty of on street parking on Main.
I want! But unfortunately they're too big for me. I've been lusting after LB lately.
Big thanks to Spoo! I consigned a tie and a pair of shoes with him and boy did it pay off. He got four times what I thought I could get for a tie that would have been a tough, low sale for me. As for the shoes, it was a nightmare when I listed them. The buyer never paid, so it was a gigantic hassle for me as a novice eBay seller. I finally cosigned them to Spoo after sitting on them for a few months. He delivered big time - he got two and half times what I sold them for!...
To follow up, no code needed for the buy 1 get 2 free. Couldn't find a free shipping code. Feel free to post one if one is found.
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