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I used Alden's Restoration service for a pair of their cordovan saddle oxfords I inherited from my grandfather. They resoled and re-lasted them, plus gave me new shoe trees, bags, and a great polish. I think I paid $150.
I think they do in store, but from what I remember the online sale price doesn't change.
Exactly the ones I've been eyeing.
Paul Stuart sale on now. Must. Not. Buy. Jodhpurs.
I still would have picked them up, but DAMN they're ugly as sin.
Gaziano & Girlings are sub $500 online, but none are my taste. Hopefully one of you can find something different in store.Edit: good prices on C&J too, if they're your style and size.
I must be a huge idiot because I had no idea that was Brooklyn Decker.
"Buddy, I don't know who you are but you're about to get chlamydia." I don't know who I liked more last night: Jenny, Gina, or Trixie.
Should have posted that last night when I bought some Drake's.
How come the Drake's ties say made in Italy on the P&B site? Are these some kind of diffusion line or is this a mistake on P&B's part?
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