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I'm picking one up. I'm looking to CCC to complete my black tie kit.
Holy shit! This made my day! I live in Virginia but I'll be in San Francisco for work May 1-5 and I was already planning on going to Cable Car Clothiers! I'll have to peace out at 6:30 to be on time for a work dinner, but I look forward to meeting everyone.
I actually bought this tuxedo when it was on an even better sale in January. I personally like double vents on a tuxedo so that was fine with me. And flapped pockets are a non-issue because they can be tucked in. Like others have pointed out, wear socks and a cummerbund or vest. Personally, I find the buttoning point and the quarters to be fine. Just make sure you get a grosgrain tie and cummerbund to match the lapels.
PMed on Walnut Park Aves
I actually won the auction yesterday, but paid today. Beyond that, I'm officially out. I need a new blazer for some upcoming work conferences in early May and June. The only navy blazer I have now is a wool/cashmere blend and that won't work in San Francisco and Atlanta. I thought I could put off the purchase until the first of May, but that won't give me enough time to get it tailored.Good luck to everyone.
Fuck, I'm weak. Couldn't pass up a pair of Marcoliani cashmere socks on eBay for $13.50.
+1. VCU bends over backwards for him. He is by far the most beloved person in the city. I've run into him twice, once with his wife and baby out for a walk and the other time at a grocery store, and both times got the impression he's a genuinely nice guy. I have no doubt that keeping his wife happy is a big reason reason he's staying. Also, Richmond is a cool city. All of my Northern friends who live here now love it.
I have my doubts it's Marcoliani. I know Bresciani does some private label stuff e.g. H. Stockton in Atlanta. I don't know if Marcoliani does the same. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting a formal pair in silk/nylon blend, either HY or Marcoliani, for some summer weddings.
Fuck ticket pockets. I can't stand them.
New Posts  All Forums: