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Should have posted that last night when I bought some Drake's.
How come the Drake's ties say made in Italy on the P&B site? Are these some kind of diffusion line or is this a mistake on P&B's part?
Muffler. Silk with wool/cashmere/wool and cashmere? backing. 50" x 10". No maker. No content tag. I'm thinking it's from a defunct local men's store, but who really knows. [[SPOILER]]
Was just about to post that. 50% off retail but nothing to my liking. Though I did just figure out my parents bought me the Highbank Down Jacket for Christmas.
That's mostly correct, but see this link: http://putthison.com/post/14619333055/brooks-brothers-sale-the-silentist-alerted-us-to
Very nice. Wearing that boot today too.
Yeah, slowly realized that. You live you learn. At least I'll break even, so it's a lesson that won't cost me anything.
Paid more than usual, but I'm pretty sure this is legit. Looks right, feels right. Plus, who is going to fake a Franco's (Richmond, VA men's store) label? [[SPOILER]]
Got it. I didn't see a size tag, but putting it on it feels like a medium. I'll post measurements tonight. It is available.
Some finds from a few days ago.Vintage L.L. Bean Baxter State 60/40 parka. Size medium. It fits great and is in great condition, but I hate buffalo plaid so this is available. [[SPOILER]] Filson Uplander chukka. In decent shape. 9.5 D. Available. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: