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I e-thrifted this exact jacket for crazy cheap during the summer. It's a damn beast. I wear it at least twice a week and always get compliments. GREAT find.
Meager finds:Talbott tie. Can't figure out the weave. Don't think it's a grenadine.Church's custom grade captoes.John Laing/W. Bill gray cashmere v-neck. [[SPOILER]] NWOT hickey Freeman cords. Unhemmed.
Questions: 1) are these peccary? 2) are these mens? 3) is there any way to restore/clean these? Sorry for the shitty pics
Thread first? NWT to boot.
Nothing thrifted today though I did pick up a pair of PT01 brown houndstooth pants for myself at 70% off from a local mens store. Also, just came back from GWARbar. No pics but I sure as shit looked out of place in my navy G&H chesterfield coat (thrifted) and PRL flannels.
I've been looking to upgrade my light gray Zanella flannels (wasn't ecstatic about the fit) and these in the Walt PERFECTLY fit the bill.
Eazy, if you have the time please keep us updated here or in a new thread aka lots of pics, dood.What are your plans exactly?
I can't find the show online, but Travel Channel's Made in America went to the Filson factory to document the construction of a Mackinaw Cruiser. From what I remember the factory is mostly staffed by Chinese workers because they can't find any Americans that have the necessary sewing skills. I'm with a lot of you here - I have no problem buying made in China goods that are well constructed and made by well treated workers.Damn that looks good.
Yeah. Walked out with a ferragamo tie and nothing else. Left a Chester Barrie suit I don't have room or time for.Now I'm especially mad at the old bag in front of me at the bank drive through who took FOREVER. I probably missed these shoes by less than five minutes. For all you newbs, this is why you make the shoe rack one of your first stops: 10 seconds to scan and the pay off is high.
Haha me too dude. That's something I'd definitely do.
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