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Any chance of another A1 Ring Jacket shipment?
You just named my favorite brands.
It killed me to leave a bunch of Samuelsohn today (Holland & Sherry fabric tweed SC, very recent suit), but it was MTM and this dude was very short and very fat.PRL. Fully canvassed goodness. Not as sick as EasyE's, but still one of the nicest sport coats I've ever found. Measures 42R. Available. [[SPOILER]] Picked up this Trafalgar strap for just for the sterling silver belt buckle. Keeping the buckle. Strap is 42 and available for cost + shipping. [[SPOILER]]
Sick, dude. I picked this up a few hours ago. Online, not at a thrift store. $1,000 off retail and been on my need/want list for over a year? Done and DONE.http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3002705
Damn, dude. Very nice.
Both are available.Popped my Ferragamo cherry. [[SPOILER]] I can't remember the last time I picked up anything Talbott. Very recent. [[SPOILER]]
Love them. I've been searching for jeans for months. The denim isn't crazy stiff, mid rise, minimal details, and not too slim. All stuff that I was looking for that was surprisingly hard to find.
New denim. Badly needed.
Im a denim noob and been looking at new jeans for a few months now. I tried on APC, Baldwin, Tellason, RRL and 3sixteen. I bought the SL-100x at Federal in DC today. No question I made the right decision. Fit is spot on and I'm really impressed with the denim.
Who would fake Rugby? It's not high fashion or crazy expensive streetwear. It's real.
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