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Pocket squares I picked up this morning. Pics are unusually shitty today. No name made in Italy, Vitaliano Pancaldi, PRL [[SPOILER]] Went back to get the BB duffle coat, but it was missing the hood so I left it.
Most of you already know about Luxottica, but thought I'd post anyway. From the October 7th 60 Minutes: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7424700n&tag=contentMain;contentAux
Navy. Horn toggles. Decent shape. No holes but some wear to the wool. I'll PM you when I pick it up.
First, damn we're going to hit 50,000 in a day or two. Two, was at a conference all weekend so my boss let me come in late today. Naturally, I hit a thrift on my way in. For the first time ever, I picked up some pocket squares: PRL, Vitaliano Pincaldi (totally unfamiliar with this brand), and an unbranded made in Italy paisley. Left a vintage BB made in England duffle coat (XL) that was a little too pricey ($35), but I'll probably pick that up on my way home.
Sak's SC is Jack Victor. Nordstrom's is S.F.I. Apparel Corporation. I couldn't find out much about them from a cursory Google search. I'm sure they own some decent brand.These are great tools:http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/app/cb/cnmbr/srchFrm.do;jsessionid=0001PTLx929bwLxgiBlFH2k5Dv3:-G1196J?lang=enghttps://rn.ftc.gov/pls/textilern/wrnquery$.startup
Thanks, Spoo.
Can someone please post a picture the labels on a pair of Attolini pants.
Who makes Domenico Vacca's pants? I thrifted a pair of pants a month ago with the same size tag, but no DV or any other maker tag.
Looks great. I'm totally buying some HY flannels in a few weeks.
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