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Yeah. Walked out with a ferragamo tie and nothing else. Left a Chester Barrie suit I don't have room or time for.Now I'm especially mad at the old bag in front of me at the bank drive through who took FOREVER. I probably missed these shoes by less than five minutes. For all you newbs, this is why you make the shoe rack one of your first stops: 10 seconds to scan and the pay off is high.
Haha me too dude. That's something I'd definitely do.
No. From chatting with him it appeared he would wear them and love them.Can't win em all.
UGH! That punch in the gut feeling when you walk into a thrift and see a pair of Edward Green shoes priced at $10 sitting on the "reserved" table. FUUUUCK! The only thing that eased the pain was talking to the dude that reserved them - a really nice dude, nattily dressed in vintage threads though he knew nothing of EG. Ended up giving him a little education and told him to take care of those puppies.
Decent haul today. Four stops and success at each.First stopAny of you bigger boys (46 US) want a BB cashmere v-neck (made in England, saddle shoulder) for weekend wear? In a gorgeous dark emerald green that my iPad isn't picking up. Wear at base of neck and hole under pit, though that can be repaired. PM if interested. [[SPOILER]] Oxford black hopsack? blazer BIG BOY sized at 52L US NIB Albert Thurston Braces, including one limited edition (CAN SOMEONE TELL ME EXACTLY...
Per @NickPollica aka Antonio Ciongoli aka Eidos Napoli Creative Director, Isaia never made anything for Brooks Brothers. Simply, BB and Isaia use(d) the same factory, Michelangelo.
I've kept my wallet shut during this sale (spent a lot in fall, including on Eidos) because I'm STOKED for Eidos S/S 2015. I want to pick up a new sport coat and hope for something similar to this season's navy donegal in a lightweight fabric.
I've had crazy good luck with people mis-listing their auctions and not knowing what they have: NWOT RLPL wool topcoat, Edward Green Dovers and this which just arrived Ben Silver shell cordovan belt
One stop, one find. Anonymous reversible wool/silk scarf. I love these things - find a few a year and always keep them.
I forget the brand but I was at the Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, VA over the weekend and had a bag of olive oil and thyme kettle cooked chips. Delicious. Although not potato chips these are a current favorite, especially with hummus.
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