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https://www.facebook.com/ShockoeDenimStephen, where are you located? Anywhere near Richmond, VA? Shockoe Denim is a custom jeans maker here. I don't have a pair of their jeans, but forum member Teger does. If you're curious about them PM him.
Here you go. Again, I'm not sure what season this is from, but it definitely looks recent. [[SPOILER]]
I was hoping you were talking about something like ^, but I stalked your profile (thanks, SF Advanced Search!) and figured out you have more of a shirt-jacket. My jaw was going to hit the floor if you found something like the above at NMLC. Stitches, you mind PMing me what you paid? I'm really curious to check out NMLC next time I'm in NOVA/DC and I'd like an expectation of price. Thanks.
A few months ago I picked up an unstructured LB windowpane SC at Marshall's. Retail was ~$2300. As you can see, it was going to be marked down to $119, but I didn't think it would last until the markdown so I kopped at $350. [[SPOILER]] I agree with Mr. Moo. LB is a lesser known brand than Brioni, Kiton, Zegna, etc so stores like Marshall's price it pretty low because customers are unfamiliar with the brand. A NWT but very shortened in the sleeves Zegna suit at the same...
And shit's only going to get worse if Ken Cuccinelli is elected governor. With Bolling dropping out today that possibility looks more likely. Scary.
Yeah. Mostly a sixth sense. I love Luciano Barbera. If I had the $, I'd buy a lot more of it.
I knew that was going to be Barbera.
I'm going to a MTM event Thursday. I don't know if I'm going to buy because like you I'm not sure of the different models. If I find a model I like (unstructured with minimal/no shoulder padding) then I'll probably buy.
Use this link to sign up for one.http://lite.corporateperks.com/offer/index/offerid/319454/categoryId/100/subCategoryId/0/uSource/HPOP4
Got my postcard in the mail yesterday. Corporate sale is March 14th in store and online. 30% off regularly priced merchandise. Doesn't apply to cordovan shoes. For the curious few, the after Christmas sale was 25% + 15% (only valid on 12/26). That's roughly 36% off. So, 30% off this time is a pretty fair deal until you remember they jacked up the price of things like Peal & Co. shoes by $50. Taking Peal & Co. shoes as an example: $648 * .36 = $415 (Possibly 2013's...
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