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Nat, did I make a big mistake not picking this up? If I did I'll go grab it Monday.
ME! I LOVE IT! I've been looking at this exact tie on the PS website for months. I've been meaning to give a public shout out to tonylumpkin for the amazing deal he gave me but I've been swamped and haven't sent him his trade yet. Fail on my part.
If I wasn't set on knit ties I definitely would purchase some of these. Gorgeous.
BB Golden Fleece tuxes (don't know if they're officially called that) for $500 on Rue La La.
Those are freakin' fantastic! Well done.
Sorry for the double post. I should have kept on reading.Peter Blair! You in my neck of the woods? I was in Peter Blair last weekend. A great, uber Southern preppy men's store here in Richmond. Lots of Southwick, Barbour, Bills Khakis, Alden, and Trafalgar.JODHPURS! Crazy. Paul Stuart has as amazing pair in suede I've been eyeing for months.
DO IT. I can't recommend Typhoid enough. He sold my Chipp grass green with white beach chair print linen pants (yeah, ) way faster and much higher than I ever could.
First day back after taking three weeks off from my first half. Nice and easy four miles. Been having leg issues and finally made a doctor's appointment to get it checked out. Also just registered for the DC Rock & Roll Half. Anyone here doing that?
Awesome! Thanks for the info guys.
Only two pick ups today. Alfred Dunhill Made in Italy orphan. Side vents. Ticket pocket. 95% wool 5% cashmere. I scoured the store looking for the pants. No where to be seen. Needless to say I'm going pants hunting tomorrow. According to the IDing the Maker thread, this is made by Corneliani, but unconfirmed. [[SPOILER]] BB Makers NOS greenish gray trousers. 35 waist. Unhemmed. Flat front. Available. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: