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Still on holiday break so I took some time this morning after a doctor's appointment to hit a thrift after no luck yesterday. I stumbled upon the most interesting/weird/creepy person I've ever seen before. He looked like a retarded version of this guy from Raising Arizona. Black sweats, black Nike long sleeve running shirt (though clearly this guy doesn't exercise), black shin pads, black sneakers, silver Elvis glasses, a white Elvis figurine he somehow turned into a belt...
This is what you want:http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Classic-All-Cotton-Traditional-Fit-Button-Down-Oxford-Dress-Shirt/001E,default,pd.html?dwvar_001E_Color=BL&contentpos=1&cgid=menRegular, slim fit, and extra slim fit.
I'd definitely go back and grab this if you like it and it fits. $350 is incredibly reasonable for SP.
Creery still does quality work, as does Leviner Wood. Both of those are custom while Franco's has a very good MTM shirt service.
AGREED! Tagged 40R. Ideally, I'm probably a 41 in Luciano Barbera jackets, but still fits pretty damn well.40R. I'm 6'2 and any shorter and it would be too short for my taste. I was looking for a sportcoat for this price for months now, so when I saw this I couldn't pass it up. Great fit, gorgeous pattern, unstructured. Perfect. Thanks dude. I'm about to take an extended break from SF, so I finally cleared all my "to be flipped" pieces so this was 100% paid for with eBay...
Edit: Effed up. See below.
Stopped by Marshalls to pick up some underwear before heading to Walmart to find a Harris Tweed sport coat. That didn't happen after I bought these:PantherellaLuciano Barbera [[SPOILER]] 50% off at thrift today and this was already dirt cheap! Isaia for BB? 42R. Available. [[SPOILER]]
Hackett sale. Someone please PM me if they're willing to proxy a jacket for me. http://www.hackett.com/sale/men-s-sale
The scene was hysterical. I was laughing uncontrollably.Love Sheva. So hot.
I used Alden's Restoration service for a pair of their cordovan saddle oxfords I inherited from my grandfather. They resoled and re-lasted them, plus gave me new shoe trees, bags, and a great polish. I think I paid $150.
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