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That's essentially what I told him.I really need to take the time and plow through this read, because I do ship a lot (mostly CONUS) and feel like I'm lacking a ton of knowledge, but it's a shit ton of posts.
Details: Sold a pair of shoes to a guy in Poland. I use the Global Shipping Program. I don't charge for shipping. He's now bitching about charges added by eBay. What can I do?
Just e-thrifted some EG Dovers. So happy the seller never mentioned anything about "Edward Green" or "Dover".
Def. I've sold uglier Brioni ties.
No name silk/linen tie I liked for the pattern and textureTook me a while to make a decision on this, but for $7 it's not a big risk. Midnight blue shawl collar tux circa 1953 with crazzzzzzy hand stitching. Pants fit perfectly on me, albeit I'll have to get a small hole rewoven. Jacket has no issues, though center vent . It def needs some work, but I'm going to take it to the tailor this weekend and get an estimate. [[SPOILER]]
Baby bro just got his first big boy job and mentioned he needed some shoe care products. This fit the bill perfectly.
I'm exactly the same. My snap-t is the most frequently worn item in my wardrobe.
Geez, Wes. If this was smaller you'd have a PM from me begging to take my money.
DO IT. That's the one I picked up.
Same for me. I'm a 52L in the Lorenzo (which I own) and sized down to a 50 in Formosa (which I've only tried on).
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