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Listing started at 7:00 pm EST. Sold at 7:04 pm EST for the BIN of $80. Insane. Of course a Japanese buyer.
Took a shot in the dark with these. Vintage guys, do I have anything special here? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Michele Negri Tie. Never heard of this brand, but a quick look online revealed some really expensive stuff.Maybe my favorite thrifted tie ever. Vintage BB grenadine. [[SPOILER]] Recent Zegna slim fit shirt. Thick MOP buttons. [[SPOILER]] Recent (current?) Zegna wool sport coat. Navy with yellow. Side vents. 75% off at consignment. [[SPOILER]]
JUST finished my bottle. Like 10 minutes ago. Moving onto Woodford. Girlfriend gone for the weekend = lots o' bourbon.
It's always nice to walk up to a tie rack and see Canali sticking out like a sore thumb.
1xJcrew, 5xPRL Made in Italy.Super versatile, dare I say soporific, Canali tie. Maybe the most wearable tie I've ever thrifted.Mint JPress navy twill suit. If you're a small guy hit me up. This measures 36-38 (I think). [[SPOILER]]
Only ever bought one pair, a well used made in China boot, but I sold them for more than the exact same brand new boot on the Filson site. Filson is always good money.
It's killing me that the grenadines, donegals, and raw silks are 2.75".
Been busy lately, so haven't thrifted much. What I did get: Ben Silver ties Barbour made in England sweater NWT VV sweater Amazingly detailed, though anonymous cotton robe $40 produce for $1 (Anyone in VA, DC, or MD look into RelayFoods. Code 9595 gets you a ton of local produce for dirt cheap.) And this...
I stand by my original post.I had a much longer reply written out, but we'll end it here. Any further discussion can be done via PM.
8.5, 9, 9.5
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