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Glad I don't need a suit. (read: can't afford) Formosa. You dudes already bought a lot of them!
Sorry if I'm blowing up someone's spot, but can one of you dudes tell me what kind of weave this is? Some sort of grenadine? I thrifted this RT with the same weave a while ago and can't figure it out.
I have the navy with white dots shantung and can attest that it's an awesome tie. Not a fan of the color here, but you might be interested.
Never seen a Tom James knit before. Came across 40 TJ shirts yesterday and was hoping for other high end stuff from the same guy but alas there was none.
This Wilkes Bashford jacket awesome, dude.
That was going to be my guess as well. Thanks guys.
Had dreams of Hermes ties. Found none, but not a bad hour and a half in the field. NIB Thurston braces x 2 Bonobos mac/trench coat This one is for me. Needs a tiny bit of work, but fits really damn well. From a long defunct local haberdashery. Partially lined, high arm holes and gorge and slim fit. Can't wait to rock this. Need some help here boys. Only cost me $3 so won't be bummed if it turns out to be money down the drain. Alden shell. Also $3. Missed these at... world has gone mad. It's blue and black.
I think that's the "Club" line aka diffusion stuff.Ed. My girlfriend says no more outerwear for me, but I might have to get one of these Duca D'andrea coats.
Peter-Blair is an uber preppy mens store here in a Richmond, VA with a decent sized private label tie business. I've found quite a few. Quality is decent though they don't flip all that well.
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