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Thanks, SS! Wearing one of the belts today and plan to get the pants hemmed this weekend.
So many assumptions being made about someone you don't know.Please, let's keep this civil.
Glad to hear it. Mine get in today. I stalk Yoox pretty regularly, but I was pretty shocked to see these on the site.
Post edited.
Viyella scarves from the other day.Ferragamo full strap penny loafers. 9.5. [[SPOILER]] Vintage Southwick tweed for myself. Just need the waist pinched in a bit, but it fits perfectly. [[SPOILER]] D'Avenza for Gieves & Hawkes Chesterfield? coat. Lining is shit, but other than that's it's in great shape. ~40L. [[SPOILER]]
Late Happy Hanukkah to me! The coupon was the final push for me to make my first order with Vanda.
Anyone want to trade Mazzarellis? I have this in a 15.75 and am looking for 16. Tags still on. Only tried on. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/thomas-mason-blue-mini-stripe-shirt-spread-collar-1852.html Shoot me a PM if interested.
Not much the last week or so. Brooks English/Cheaney short wings for myself. Twin Viyella tartan wool scarves. Only one pictured: Golden Bear A-2. Medium. Made in USA. This is the first leather jacket I've ever picked up and might have been a mistake. My reasoning: origin, vague familiarity with the maker, classic style, and it's in damn good condition.
Hackett and RLPL are awesome, but the last is the nicest Zegna piece I can remember seeing here in a long, long time.
Two leather straps recently snapped on my thrifted Gloverall and I ordered new ones from the company's website. She doesn't know this yet, but my girlfriend's mother will be doing the sewing.
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