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I picked up the Polo tux for $600. Double forward pleats but I'm not picky, especially since I wear a tux once or twice a year.
Looks great. I'm going to DC this weekend to get the exact same jacket.
All true. But the maker could also be Martin Greenfield.
Am I the only one who doesn't find this that shocking? I was in a fraternity. Similar things were said, although certainly not to the extent as in this girl's email. What's bullshit is that people feel like forwarding emails like this to Gawker. I love Gawker and read it daily, but society's desire to share everything (as I write this on a menswear forum) drives me crazy.
I live in Richmond and want to support local entrepreneurs, especially menswear based, but I can't bring myself to like Ledburdy. Cuttingboard, like you and others have said, the styles are all plaid or gingham, they have few button down collars and everything is too slim. A few weeks ago I wrote about visiting their store and trying on their new line of pants. I was very impressed with the fit, but was immediately disappointed once the salesperson said they're going to...
I'm picking one up. I'm looking to CCC to complete my black tie kit.
Holy shit! This made my day! I live in Virginia but I'll be in San Francisco for work May 1-5 and I was already planning on going to Cable Car Clothiers! I'll have to peace out at 6:30 to be on time for a work dinner, but I look forward to meeting everyone.
I actually bought this tuxedo when it was on an even better sale in January. I personally like double vents on a tuxedo so that was fine with me. And flapped pockets are a non-issue because they can be tucked in. Like others have pointed out, wear socks and a cummerbund or vest. Personally, I find the buttoning point and the quarters to be fine. Just make sure you get a grosgrain tie and cummerbund to match the lapels.
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