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AS for O&S snuff suede crepe sole chukka.
Holy balls. Weekend plans have changed from nothing to emptying my closet to make room and $ for one of these.
Both NA.No name PS. Silk. Made in Italy. Hand rolled edges.AE Chester wingtips. In fantastic shape. Fill a hole in my wardrobe, but I doubt they'll get much wear. [[SPOILER]]
These are from Brooks' Country Club line. The second is particularly nice. When they're on sale they're a pretty decent buy.
If you're 6'2 and 190, probably.
Now I know why people rave about Finamore. Just got my first shirt and it fits perfectly.
First, T&A cherry popped. [[SPOILER]] Second, I have skipped, skimmed and ignored every single pair of Florsheims that have been posted here since the day I started reading SF. I have left every single pair I have seen in thrifts - mostly because they were beat to shit. Gentlemen, now I need your assistance. I'm pretty sure these are shell. They're not V-cleats, but I suspect the original owner had the heel replaced. What exactly I do have on my hands? [[SPOILER]]
Here I am, pumped about my single score for the day, and I have to post right behind Spoo. Fantastic.Anyways, my SW&D knowledge is extremely limited, but I know enough to pick this up. After a dozen trips this store finally paid off: NWT Robert Geller wool blend jacket. Tagged size 50. I think it's fall 2012. [[SPOILER]]
I did 11 listings yesterday and that wore me out. Then I did the math and felt like a bitch because Spoo averages 25 A DAY.
Love going into a newly opened vintage shop and seeing shitty old JC Penny shirts I pass all the time priced at $30.
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