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Baby bro just got his first big boy job and mentioned he needed some shoe care products. This fit the bill perfectly.
I'm exactly the same. My snap-t is the most frequently worn item in my wardrobe.
Geez, Wes. If this was smaller you'd have a PM from me begging to take my money.
DO IT. That's the one I picked up.
Same for me. I'm a 52L in the Lorenzo (which I own) and sized down to a 50 in Formosa (which I've only tried on).
Thanks, dude!
WilkesBashford.com has 25% off one item with code OOFT14. Excludes Cartier, Graff, Hermès and sale merchandise. Free ground shipping.
http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/the-history-of-hermes/ Segment on Hermes from CBS Sunday Morning
Don't believe that's mainline. I think that's from his LB "Club" line.
What? The only thing coming out of your mouth is hot air.One stop. One find. I've been wanting a burgundy grenadine for the better part of a year. Almost purchased one from CSC a week ago. Glad I didn't. Saved myself $100. N/A
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