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One of my favorite sweater finds of the year. $2. Tagged medium, but it's the most gigantic medium I've ever seen. I'm a 42 but this will definitely fit a 44. John Laing geelong lambswool cardigan. NA for now.
My conversation with a dude at the tie rack.Dude: "Man there are some great tie here. I just picked up a Steve Harvey and last week I got one from that guy...he's on the Apprentice...Donald Trump! Yeah, a Donald Trump!"Me: "Oh wow. Congrats. Hope you get a lot of wear out of them." Walk away rolling my eyes and chuckling.
Borsalino navy wool/cashmere Democratic Party donkey tie made for the US Senate HF black cashmere SC Some dude's collection of squares Anonymous wool/silk with handrolled edges Green paisley hand blocked and printed in England Ashear Duchamp Anonymous cotton, made in Italy (my new favorite square) Ashear Ashear (already claimed) silk, anonymous UVA with handrolled edges (already claimed)
http://www.gilt.com/brand/g-h-bass-company/product/1055034605-g-h-bass-company-fenmore-loafer Rancourt for GH Bass Fenmore penny loafer. 40% off and code ITSAWRAP get you these for about $85 shipped. Limited colors and sizes left.
That's essentially what I told him.I really need to take the time and plow through this read, because I do ship a lot (mostly CONUS) and feel like I'm lacking a ton of knowledge, but it's a shit ton of posts.
Details: Sold a pair of shoes to a guy in Poland. I use the Global Shipping Program. I don't charge for shipping. He's now bitching about charges added by eBay. What can I do?
Just e-thrifted some EG Dovers. So happy the seller never mentioned anything about "Edward Green" or "Dover".
Def. I've sold uglier Brioni ties.
No name silk/linen tie I liked for the pattern and textureTook me a while to make a decision on this, but for $7 it's not a big risk. Midnight blue shawl collar tux circa 1953 with crazzzzzzy hand stitching. Pants fit perfectly on me, albeit I'll have to get a small hole rewoven. Jacket has no issues, though center vent . It def needs some work, but I'm going to take it to the tailor this weekend and get an estimate. [[SPOILER]]
Baby bro just got his first big boy job and mentioned he needed some shoe care products. This fit the bill perfectly.
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