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Musical instrument guys, is a Conn trombone worth picking up? What features/attributes should I be looking for?
Wow wow wow. I love Luciano Barbera. I would be all over this if it was my size.
Dave, Any chance of another round of A1 Ring Jackets this fall/winter?
I'd like to see 1) bigger pictures or have the option to right click and magnify the pic 2) good product description (materials, features, origin, construction etc. 3) at least basic measurements, but the more the merrier.Also, fuck copy (I'm looking at you, Carson Street Clothiers). Instead, use that time to take better pics and post measurements. If not, at least have a decent return policy. In fairness to CSC, they do.
That's not a snap-t. A snap-t has a chest pocket that snaps close.
Do it. I thrifted this jacket (though an earlier model with different style pockets) and love it.
First Hastings and now Gandolfini. It's been a bad week.
Hit 3 thrifts and 1 consignment. These were 75% off at consignment.Charvet ties (available) [[SPOILER]] AE walnut dress belt (keeping)
Haven't posted or thrifted in a while because I've been studying for the MCATs. Decided to hit one store after work for good luck before I begin a weekend of hardcore review. I think I did pretty well.Peter Blair tie (available)Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch button down (15.5x33; MOP buttons; available)NWT Murray's Toggery Nantucket reds (36 x unhemmed; available) [[SPOILER]] So soft wool/cashmere Oxxford sport coat (available) [[SPOILER]] The piece de resistance, my first...
First time I've checked this thread since January 20th. 5893 unread posts. Someone want to give me the 4 1/2 month recap? Kidding. Just one week from the MCAT. I can't wait to hit the thrifts HARD after this fucking test.
New Posts  All Forums: