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Fuck ticket pockets. I can't stand them.
http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/The-Hanger-Project-Luxury-Wooden-Suit-Hangers/prod78070002/ Neiman Marcus is selling Hanger Project hangers. I'd keep an eye on this, as they might go on sale in the coming months.
Anyone figured out who makes Howard Yount's socks? Bresciani?
In. I'll be spending a lot in May so for my wallet's sake I need to sit April out.
Popped into Ledbury Saturday afternoon with a buddy who was looking for work shirts. I'm hard to fit OTR, so I just looked at the knit ties and belts, but didn't buy any. FYI, the clerk said Ledbury is expanding into sweaters and pants soon. In fact, I even had the chance to try on a pair of pants. The fit was perfect for me, but the clerk told me they're looking into the slimming the legs more. Frankly, I think that's a mistake. I'm tall, thin, and like to wear my pants...
So true. Also, I'm excited for Kiel James Patrick at BB. I know KJP doesn't get much love on SF, but I really like some of the belts. I'm looking forward to getting one at the next sale.
Don't spill any horseradish or wine on it
My first Howard Yount purchases: The made in USA pants seem amazing from all these reviews, but I'm set on pants.
https://www.facebook.com/ShockoeDenimStephen, where are you located? Anywhere near Richmond, VA? Shockoe Denim is a custom jeans maker here. I don't have a pair of their jeans, but forum member Teger does. If you're curious about them PM him.
Here you go. Again, I'm not sure what season this is from, but it definitely looks recent. [[SPOILER]]
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