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I was at the Mansion yesterday and Lindricks were in stock.
Prof, there's def someone out there. Don't know if they're on SF but I've seen this person once. I recognized the pattern immediately.
HUGE thank you to Greg and Kyle for letting me invade the NMWA headquarters yesterday. Lots of their product I've never seen in person before so it was very helpful to figure out my size in Formosa, GRP, Inis, LBM 1911, Stephan Schneider, and Mackintosh. Came away with a Mackintosh Waverly though I was going back and forth between that and a GRP A-1. Smelled the bull wool. Don't listen to Murl, it absolutely has an odor.
Heading up to NYC this weekend for a family wedding (wearing my navy Lorenzo suit ). Which Bloomingdales has a better Eidos stock?
Things have been sooooo slow in for me in October; however, I did pick up an Andover Shop tuxedo this past weekend. Crazy cheap e-thrift:
Wasn't my size but I had my eye on that auction. Actually, I'm surprised it got as high as it did.
Word is getting out: "vicuna" was said on Modern Family last night
Greg, the length of the casentinos the same as last season or longer?
Looks perfect to me. Also, Eddie, we all know your face.
I knew one of you snagged this.
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