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Truth but snuff suede penny loafers under $200 ain't too shabby.
No, but http://chcmshop.com/item-detail/?group=shoes&id=54$125 cheaper
It's been so dry around here. Hit my entire circuit the last two days and all I got was a NWT Lilly Pulitzer men's linen button down and this: A&F (62-68 based on union tag) orange tweed sport coat. 38. Fully canvassed. Horn buttons. Partially lined. Hooked vent.
Greg, Any chance on longer Casentino coats in the future? Also, I wore my Drakes Navajo fair isle scarf twice this week and got tons of compliments. It's my favorite purchase of 2013.
Only find the last few days. The best thing is I was about to buy this tie from Conrad Wu.
The nicest sweater I have ever thrifted:Flawless and current? $845 Zegna 100% cashmere brown v-neck sweater. Wanted to list it, but I gave it to my dad. It's always nice to flip and put a benjamin in my pocket, but it's even nicer to give a friend or relative a great piece of clothing. [[SPOILER]]
Spot on.http://putthison.com/tagged/Garment-Tags
Thanks, SS! Wearing one of the belts today and plan to get the pants hemmed this weekend.
So many assumptions being made about someone you don't know.Please, let's keep this civil.
Glad to hear it. Mine get in today. I stalk Yoox pretty regularly, but I was pretty shocked to see these on the site.
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