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What the hell? I posted a very recent Magee Donegal tweed in March and got ZERO bites.
If you're ever in Richmond, Creery does great bespoke shirts. Everything is done in house.
I want lots of Rebecca Hall!
First time I've seen this brand in the wild. Engineered Garments madras western shirt. Available. Large. [[SPOILER]]
Nothing but heartache today. Too expensive: Barbour Ursula Ledbury button down Sid Mashburn button down Paul & Shark ties Too far gone: PRL blackwatch cashmere tie
LOVE The League! Taco and Andre are hysterical. I have a huge crush on Jenny.
I was in store in July and asked this to the salesman helping me out. He wouldn't answer. He did give me a lot of information on their belt maker, but nothing on suits.
I called. Not in any stores and not being reordered.
Sold out in my size. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Brown-Suede-Tassel/035H,default,pd.html
And I thought I did well today with my BB ESF blue/white stripe shirt and a killer Breuer red with light blue spots tie. And then Lobbs and Tom Ford.
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