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In case you dudes didn't see this. Also, picked up the gun club jacket from NMWA. Arrives Monday. Can't contain myself.
Suit Supply does MTM.
Lululemon sweater. No tags on it but it appears genuine. PRL/Corneliani wool/alpaca for me. In great shape though the lining needs some attention. Vintage Brooks Brothers quilted cotton coat for me. Zippers, pockets and snaps EVERYWHERE.
New to this thread so my apologies if this has been covered recently, but is there going to be a restock of the EG shoe trees?
Yes. If I return it I'll shoot you a PM.That's it. Really, really great suit. The gunclub sport coat will likely be my only S/S NMWA purchase, but I'm stoked and saving for Eidos F/W 2015.
Thanks, just purchased the Eidos gunclub and sent a reply email to the order confirmation. PUMPED.BTW, wore my Eidos navy herringbone suit and Mazzarelli shirt to a wedding this past weekend. Looked dope. Rando Asian hottie hit on me right in from of my girlfriend. "Oh, I love your suit." Was in the doghouse for an hour or so until the gf got enough wine in her.
@gdl203 Greg, How can I apply the SF10 coupon along with two gift codes?
At last count a few months ago I was at 80. Probably close to 90 now which is insane because I wear one five times a year. Being a thrifter good ties accumulate quickly. Yesterday I picked up a Charvet. Def need to purge but I can't decide what to get rid of.
Not a fan of this particular style, but I fell in love with Mandelli after seeing this article by @dieworkwear.
Awesome! Can gift codes be applied after purchase? They're at home and I'm at work.
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