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Things have been sooooo slow in for me in October; however, I did pick up an Andover Shop tuxedo this past weekend. Crazy cheap e-thrift:
Wasn't my size but I had my eye on that auction. Actually, I'm surprised it got as high as it did.
Word is getting out: "vicuna" was said on Modern Family last night
Greg, the length of the casentinos the same as last season or longer?
Looks perfect to me. Also, Eddie, we all know your face.
I knew one of you snagged this.
Luciano Barbera patch pocket, partially lined, soft shoulder, slim, recent as fuck sport coat [[SPOILER]] John Varvatos made in italy brown linen and Barbera charcoal slacks
e-thrift (with extra shitty pics)Luciano Barbera coat that must be a wool/cashmere blend with leather accents everywhere in perfect condition. Got this for crazy cheap considering I was looking at this NWT on eBay a year ago for $1000+. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks guys. It's def the best fit I've ever found in a RTW suit. That damned right shoulder is always causing issues for me.
Just got the navy Lorenzo in. I need a suit and was looking at Canali, but I think this is a winner. Pants need to be let out a bit in the rear and are a touch slim, but overall I'm very happy with the fit. Any feedback is appreciated.
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