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It's nice to see someone around here wearing non-crazy socks.Side note: Teger, you familiar with Shockoe Denim?
Pointed my buddy to AL. He purchased the derby and loves them. Any recommendations for shoe trees? Shoe seems sleeker than most I'm thinking it will need a sleeker tree.
Doesn't belong in this thread.
Hops, pint, barley. I find Tucker Blair needlepoints far inferior to Smathers and Branson. TB's stitching isn't as tight, so the images look distorted. That's probably why you had a hard time making out what's on your belt.
36! Please let us know when you list them.
I ordered a M and L last year. I went with the L and I almost never size up. M was just too slim for me.
Holy hell dude!This is making me rethink double breasted.Picked these up today. I might have been drunk because these are ugly. Alfred Dunhill by Zegna (I think). Feel free to correct me if you know better. 38x34.5. Available. [[SPOILER]]
+1,000. HY prices are BEYOND fair. I'm constantly telling my friends who are trying to upgrade their wardrobe to check out HY. Phenomenal quality for the price.
Just ordered the Marlow wingtips. My first shells! Went through Robert in the RRL thread at the Chicago store. Everything was quick and easy. I HIGHLY recommend going to him in the future. I'm pumped to break in these bad boys.
What the hell? I posted a very recent Magee Donegal tweed in March and got ZERO bites.
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