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I thought I'd give my thrifting bros a leg up on the competition. PSA: 3sixteen denim on Yoox. $141 shipped. I haven't seen this anywhere else and won't be posting it on any other thread. I'm not sure what style they are, but I think they're the SL-100x. The SL-100x are the jeans I wear and bought with thrift profits. I love the shit out of them and just ordered another pair, so I hope I'm correct. It's not a rock bottom price, but aside from a 3sixteen sample sale,...
First purchase from NMWA: Drakes scarf, Mazzarelli shirt, and tubo belt. If only those Vass captoe oxfords were offered in a dark brown calf, I would have gotten those too.
Chalupa Batman
Only one find* today, but I'm not complaining. It's nice to walk up to a tie rack and say to yourself, "I bet that's a Hermes" and you're correct. [[SPOILER]] *Not pictured, NWT J.McLaughlin cashmere lined mocha leather quilted gloves for the girlfriend.
Truth. Though I have been that way once or twice and did find some Hermes and Chester Barrie cashmere.
Barbour Epsom XL [[SPOILER]] Eton 17.5 [[SPOILER]] I go two years not finding a knit tie and I score two in two days.Lands End, PRL, Paul Frederick Sartoriale 6-7 fold, JCrew Snow Man (keeping for Christmas parties), NWT Zegna Couture [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. My jaw dropped when I saw that.Also, sorry to my gift exchange partner. You're most likely getting a gift card. I can't find a damn thing that's your size or on your list.
I'll post pics of yesterday's finds tonight. I think this is Zegna Couture, but it's not labeled as such. Construction, particularly the stitching looks correct. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Ermenegildo-Zegna-Couture-XXX-Woven-Texture-Cranberry-Spotted-Silk-Tie-NR-/360797730906?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item540138785a Am I right that this is Couture or something else?
What's the email for returns/exchanges? The current link, service@epauletshop.com, isn't working.
Hunter Wellies, my only find the last few days. Going to the gf so NA. [[SPOILER]]
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