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I picked up a pair in November 2013 at a true thrift. Old as hell and beat to shit but they still did very well. These I scored about a month ago on the bay. They were listed as from Sid Mashburn (he does sell EG) but EG was nowhere in the listing. A little over $100 shipped. Once one of my bigger items sells I'm sending these back to EG for recrafting.
Not being restocked which sucks because they fit me PERFECTLY and are a steal on sale. If they had more of the staples in my size I would have purchased 3-4 in 2014 because my dress shirt game really needed some work.
DUDE! I have almost the same Chester Barrie coat except mine is DB. It's my favorite and best fitting piece of outerwear though it rarely makes an appearance outside of my closet. KEEP IT!
WHERE MY JEWS AT? I'm a member of the tribe so the tie is going in my closet and Ledbury shirt (not pictured) is going to a buddy.
I have to say Greg and crew have been great to work with in the past when I've ordered items on final sale. Not only have they let me exchange an item for the exact same thing in a different size (when in stock), but they even let me exchange a Mazz shirt in one size to a different Mazz shirt of larger size, though both were the same price.
I almost bought that last night. Although I really want to try Eidos' shirts I have something similar and need to fill a few holes in my wardrobe first.
Berry Burk was a men's clothing store here in Richmond, VA. I've come across a lot from them in local thrifts, but that's definitely one of their nicest items I've seen.
Only one stop this week: Liberty of London silk square (I usually stick to squares with hand rolled edges but this was too good to leave) Church's wool/linen blend tie (never seen or heard of this blend before) Anonymous made in England hand blocked wool bow tie BB black calf belt
Eazy, I picked up a NOS BB slim fit OCBD a few years ago. Looked to be from the early, mid 80s.
New Posts  All Forums: