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Def.Greg, the Gallery and Collective Active sections are reasons #1,000 and 1,001 why NMWA is the web store on the internet. Period.
Yeah that's def not my auction. I thought my reputation here was decent enough that you'd know I would never do something like that. Guess not.
I'm ONLY posting this because this is the third time this jacket has been relisted. First, it looks NWT. Second, Gimo's makes nice shit though this isn't my style. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gimos-Mens-MAN-JACKET-Size-Med-48-/201094714025?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item2ed22dd2a9&ssPageName=RSS:B:SHOP:US:101
Saw them. Today they had three Hermes ties in a case. Between $135 - $150 EACH. There's a Canali suit and a SC worth checking out. Not thrift prices, but not bad if they're for you.Edit: Also Prof, I picked up some Billy Reid khakis today. 33" waist 31ish" inseam. They're yours if you want em.
Hardly worn made in England sheepskin slippers for me BB Country Club Madison. 35x30. Truly NWOT. Zanella gray wool. FF. 42 waist. 2 x Inis Meain wool shirts. If you're an XXL with T-rex arms, get at me. Figure these will be a hard move, but they were only $1 each. Edit: Spoo, have you had any success with T-rex clothes? If so I'm shipping these off to you. AMProf, get to that store that had the boots. They have some nice SCs and suits out. I almost got...
+1 on the Paul Stuart. I was very close to buying the SS tux, but went with Polo because I got a crazy good deal.FYI, here's the SS in real life courtesy of Ian of From Squalor to Baller.Lastly, wearing my black tie rig this weekend to a buddy's wedding. I'll post a pic if I can remember to.
Nah. My furthest thrift is ten miles from my house.
Wes, you down in my area now? That's a lot of Nathan's and Franco's.
This way in my dreambox. Love it but couldn't justify the purchase.
BB USA slim fit OCBD for the bro All Available PRL, PRL, NWT BB, Robert Talbott for Pebble Beach, Ferragamo Orvis, Ben Silver, Robert Talbott These three unavailable: RLPL, PRL, PRL
New Posts  All Forums: