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Damn.An inch of snow in VA = 2 hour delayed opened. So, of course I had to feed the beast. My first Schott. I'd rock the shit out of this if it was a man's and my size. Right out it's going to the girlfriend, but if she doesn't want it I'll make it available here.Schott red peacoat. Woman's size 8. In fantastic shape. Hardly any wear to the wool. Pics taken in my work parking lot with the jacket hung on the rack of the Jeep in the parking space next to me. [[SPOILER]]
This mean you have another shipment?
I love Mandelli, but there's definitely better looking stuff out there.Mandelli is definitely the shit. I'm still kicking myself about not buying the gray version of that quilted jacket when it was on Yoox this past summer.
Some 34 please buy these PRL Corneliani flannels. I own these exact pants and they're my favorite. Fabric is thick and the cut is perfect. There's an extra 10% code floating around online.http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13193016&view=99&s=D-StorePrice-POLO&pg=1&parentPage=family
Samuelsohn (current label?) silk/linen/wool blend SC. 42L. Available. [[SPOILER]] Recentish BB Camel Hair SC. 46R. Available. [[SPOILER]] I almost always leave Harris Tweeds, but this was calling my name. Throat latch, patch pockets, partially lined, horn buttons, lots of waist suppression, side pleats (I'm not sure if that's the proper name on a SC). Probably a 38R. Available. [[SPOILER]]
I haven't even worn mine ten times and already a rivet popped off.
Restock in some OTC black formal socks? Silk/nylon blend?
PRL tuxedo on great sale (even lower now if you're a 44R or 46R):Ovadia & Sons Italian Army trainer. Can't decide if I'm going to keep these. I was trying for something close to these Luciano Barbera is wearing.
Yeah, dude. Totally killing it.
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