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One quick stop: Holland & Sherry St. Andrews blazer buttons PRL made in Italy braided tassel loafers
All you consigners on here (Wes, Spoo, Brian, etc.), these Zegna measuring tape ties are a required purchase.
@RedDevil10Do you have some advice on how to condition these opera pumps? Frankly, I can't tell if they are patent leather. [[SPOILER]]
Shoe Shine Sunday: Alden ShellToday I'm doing a pair of thrifted Alden shell cordovan shortwings. I used this method on the Hanger Project site, though I don't have a lambswool mitt or neutral cordovan polish. This is my first time polishing shell.Before: [[SPOILER]] Right shoe polished: [[SPOILER]] After: [[SPOILER]] I also started the Presidential Shine on my Black Fleece Coniston by C&J boots in brown pebble (football) leather. I've owned these for two and half years...
From the last few days:Ledbury x 3 (my buddy has dibs)Anonymous made in England square, Paul Stuart for me, Vineyard Vines for Virginia Tech (dibs by daddylonglegs), BB for meAlan Paine orange wool sweater for me (no pics, already in deep freeze)Chatfield Clothes for a defunct Richmond department store. Navy overcoat with patch pockets and turnback cuffs. One of the best made pieces of clothing I've ever bought. For me so NA. Best part it was 50% off and under $5....
WAAAAAAAY too long to read.One quick stop for me. Ferragamo tie and a Paul Stuart overcoat for me. Wool, raglan sleeves, fly front in an interesting pattern.
This was mostly a Shoe Shine Saturday since these need to be washed and dried overnight before a final brushing and spray of waterproofing on Shoe Shine Sunday.Project: Alfred Sargent for Ovadia & Sons snuff suede crepe sole chukkas (purchased from CHCM in September, 2013)I used the method on the Hanger Project site with all the same materials except for AE waterproofing spray in place of the Saphir spray.Before: [[SPOILER]] After: (all steps completed with the exception...
Two quick stops. Coolest zegna I've ever seen. Silk/cotton/wool blend. Sweater is a made in Scotland shetland (probably by Harley) for a local mens store.
Check out NMWA's Eidos selection
Zanella FF linen for me NWT PRL/Corneliani Regents in a gorgeous dark chocolate wool. Double forward pleats. PRL's pleats are fabulous.
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