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It's been three years in the making but I finally got Item #1 on my Want List. E-thrifted. PRL/Corneliani camel hair polo coat. A good end to a shitty week.
I needed this - what a shitty fucking terrible day at work. Only one item at one stop but it's EXACTLY what I need: dressy summer trousers. I considered Eidos' Sal pants from NMWA but never pulled the trigger. Thankfully I didn't because I saved myself $250+. RLPL in cream linen with side adjusters. NA.
Likely John Varvatos. I love Howard and listen religiously, but he has always dressed like shit.
LE knits x 3Current ZegnaIncotex x 4. All flat front. Three are 38.Summer loafers for me - AE MaxfieldNWT Ike Behar unstructed sport coat. Made in Italy. Quarter lined. Patch pockets. 75% off at consignment which came to under 5% retail. [[SPOILER]] Britches fur collar DB topcoat. This is for me. @eazye, look for a fur collar topcoat thrift fit challenge in 6-8 months. [[SPOILER]]
The suit looks great. Don't overthink this. Brown, burgundy, suede, black - it all works. You're better dressed than 99.9% of men in the world.
Don't have those but I use these for my balmoral boots.
Their NY Slim Fit is the best fitting OTR shirt (at least on me) I've ever bought. True the sleeves need to be shortened, but that's a minor alteration.
Someone take these off my hands. I'll sell them at cost + shipping. Not sure of the brand, but NWT, unhemmed and made in the USA. Fabric is a light peach cotton, perfect for summer, though slightly see through. Double reverse pleats. 34" x unhemmed.POP! LBM 1911 cotton/linen glen plaid. Full priced at consignment, but very reasonable. [[SPOILER]] Borrelli for Bergdorf Goodman.Only pair of Bills I picked up out of the 15+ double reverse pleats on sale.John Varvatos flannel...
Not sure how it compares to the Ciro.
No mas. S/S clothing budget is tapped - just ordered my second Eidos jacket in 40ish days. Antonio and Greg, I love my Lorenzo suit but this new cut is perfection.
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