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Etro, RT Estate, truly NWOT RLPL. Robert Jensen grenadine (by Italo Ferretti, I believe). Look at that stitching! Big guys get at me: Alan Paine cashmere vneck in charcoal gray.
One of my more interesting finds: Dunhill jewelry box. Not really sure of the construction/materials or value, but I liked it.(quick pics bc I'm heading out to drink like a fish and eat a ton of sausage at the first oktoberfest of the season) [[SPOILER]]
Again, stellar customer service from the NMWA team. Eidos and Mazz inbound.
Spoo, my apologies since I know this is crass but I'm curious, do you lower your percentage for very high value items?Feel free to PM a response (or tell me to fuck off).
Slow weekend: Barbour scarf, BB made in Scotland shetland sweater, and the only thing I have pics of: Brand new, unworn LL Bean Gumshoes, size 14. Already claimed by my 6'8 buddy.
NWT BB, current Talbott x 2, nicest Altea I've ever seen (I helped the women behind the counter get an item down from atop a tall cabinet and she gave this to me for free ), zegna Clan Douglas THICK cashmere cardigan for me
These.Also, for shirts I'm looking at collars and I'm touching EVERYTHING. All that and I can get through the shirts and pants racks in a minute.
Inherited a pair of those from my uncle. So damn comfy. They're one of my favorite things about winter.
10+ stores and this is all I have to show T&A, Michelson's, Hermes
One of you in DC, NoVA, MD needs to contact this guy http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/clo/4643513799.html
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