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Love them. I've been searching for jeans for months. The denim isn't crazy stiff, mid rise, minimal details, and not too slim. All stuff that I was looking for that was surprisingly hard to find.
New denim. Badly needed.
Im a denim noob and been looking at new jeans for a few months now. I tried on APC, Baldwin, Tellason, RRL and 3sixteen. I bought the SL-100x at Federal in DC today. No question I made the right decision. Fit is spot on and I'm really impressed with the denim.
Who would fake Rugby? It's not high fashion or crazy expensive streetwear. It's real.
BB Makers tweed. 42 ML (I'm assuming this is between R and L). Available. [[SPOILER]]
+1 on the Accutane.I was on Accutane my senior year of high school. The only side effect I had was horribly chapped lips.
Still on holiday break so I took some time this morning after a doctor's appointment to hit a thrift after no luck yesterday. I stumbled upon the most interesting/weird/creepy person I've ever seen before. He looked like a retarded version of this guy from Raising Arizona. Black sweats, black Nike long sleeve running shirt (though clearly this guy doesn't exercise), black shin pads, black sneakers, silver Elvis glasses, a white Elvis figurine he somehow turned into a belt...
This is what you want:http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Classic-All-Cotton-Traditional-Fit-Button-Down-Oxford-Dress-Shirt/001E,default,pd.html?dwvar_001E_Color=BL&contentpos=1&cgid=menRegular, slim fit, and extra slim fit.
I'd definitely go back and grab this if you like it and it fits. $350 is incredibly reasonable for SP.
Creery still does quality work, as does Leviner Wood. Both of those are custom while Franco's has a very good MTM shirt service.
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