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Guess you got hit by the tax man a litter harder than me. Under $450.This is my first piece of Isaia tailored clothing or outerwear, though I've tried on a few sport coats in store. (Also at the tailor. The changing rooms are the workrooms so if I see a really nice jacket I'll try it on to figure out my size in a particular brand. A tad unscrupulous, but it's not hurting anyone.)Personally, I love the fit and the lapels are gorgeous.Yeah crazy good price.
Got mine yesterday. Love it though I wish it was a bit longer.
Definitely want to second this. Eddie is a great seller with very fair prices.
Maybe it's the bourbon talking but I'm about to bid $2000 on this jacket only because I know I'll be outbid.Update: Did bid $2000. Still not the high bidder.
Preface: I am a huge denim newb. I thought having today off would be a good time to go through my closet and clean/donate/organize a bunch of shit. I have a back up pair (got a good deal) of the SL-110X that are still NWT, unworn and probably won't see any wear for at least a year. Question: is folding the best way to store these?
Went to mine today. Needless to say it sucked. Only a few wool BB ties (though not irregulars) and a crazy weird D&G wool belted trench coat.
Made my last NMWA purchase of 2014. As always, I'm pumped to get it.
Great deals to be had. Just picked this up. Way better than the Mr. Porter sale. http://www.yoox.com/us/41445433KD/item?dept=#cod10=41445433KD&sizeId=5
I agree only 100%.For months I've been looking for a winter hat that would fit over my large noggin (size 7 5/8) without being tight and this Scott & Charters one is perfect. Warm, soft and the perfect size.
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