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That's incorrect. It's definitely mens.
Someone please buy this. It would already be on it's way to me, but my main winter coat is very similar. http://www.yoox.com/us/41390715JC/item?dept=#cod10=41390715JC&sizeId=6 FYI, this sells for ~$600 on No Man Walks Alone.
AWESOME! I love Arnys. You'll do great on this.
I'm been watching it for a while. It's been relisted at least twice, though I think it's finally correct because at first it was listed as a large.
My two best finds of the year:
http://bangordailynews.com/2013/05/09/business/brewer-producer-of-handmade-shoes-acquired-by-texas-company/Highland still making for Oak Street and Yuketen after the acquisition?
Delivered 10 minutes ago Linen apron White linen with brown border and grey tiny flowers Green red shantung
Alden for Beecroft & Bull black tassel loafers. BB silk knit. Drakes London pink button down. 15.5.
I'll put it this way, I laughed a good amount but once is enough. I'll change the channel when it makes it's way to cable.Glad I didn't post my shoe find tonight - I totally got upstaged.
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